All the Noises I deem Unnecessary!!!!

Auditory Hell

I chose this two star assignment from the audio assignment bank.  I instantly chose this assignment because off the top of my head I could think of a few really annoying sounds.

I first went and searched for the most annoying sounds

1.  I could find the first sound I found was a woman yelling really loud, no one likes to hear yelling and I thought it would get the annoying point across.

  1. The second sound I used was nails on a chalk board, every time I listen to it, it makes the hairs on my neck raise.

  2. My grandparents had an old grandfather clock, that had a bird chirp at the top of every hour.  This is quite annoying if you are trying to take a nap or are trying to sleep through the night so I used the alarm clock bird chirping sound.

  3. Guess what the fourth sound is, a baby because the damn grandfather clock woke the baby up.

5.  I used a sound from an old computer game,  I feel like it is the sound that is made when you keep on losing your life, like you fell off the cliff because the cliff pixels were so crappy and you fell.  And now the computer game is making fun of you.

6.  Is another annoying computer background sound I figured tied in well with the others.

After finding all sounds I wanted to use I then went to Audacity Tutorials and used this to help me figure my way through the Audacity App.  Once I had all 6 sounds downloaded I was able to drag and drop the files into the App and was able to manipulate these files to intertwine with each other to make the product I have posted above.  I then uploaded the file into soundcloud and was able to take the file url and post it into my blog.


Carson Gordon: Character Resume

When trying to figure out my character I wanted someone who was tough  in the face of danger, and had a skill set that matched this toughness.  It took me awhile to try to figure out my characters skill set as I didn’t want my character to be unhelpful in the fight against the Zombies.  Prior to looking at the Spreadsheet of Archetypes I start creating my characters traits and then looked for the character from the spreadsheet that was closest to these traits. Carson Gordon’s character is close to that of the Veteran in that he his well versed in his experiences, successful, mild tempered when not dealing with zombies.

I decided to create Carson Gordon an all around bad-ass, not really but he has seen things you couldn’t even imagine.  Being a Veteran of the US Army he was deployed multiple times and has seen things that will keep a person up at night.  In regards to the zombies, he laughs (hahahahaha) in the face of these sole suckers.  He is not only proficient in weaponry but can save a life or two in the heat of the moment.   He is a danger seeker which may put himself or others in immediate danger unsuspectingly, this may be a trait that leads to his demise.  After his stint in the military he became a freelance contractor, building multiple structures with his small crew.

After reading Elaina Finklestein website about her character I decided to use Canva as well to create this resume, I couldn’t figure out how to save the picture without them trying to make me pay for it so I screenshot it with Skitch, shout out to Professor Burtis for turning me on to this application.

Here is Carson Gordon’s Resume below:



Radio is not Dead….It is very much still Alive!!!!!!

I would say that I listen to audio almost everyday whether it be the radio, Pandora while I work out, or talk shows on the radio.  But to that extend I have very limited knowledge of what takes places behind the scences behind the microphones.  I tend to listen to more of the early morning talk shows on my way to school one because thats really the only thing on or I get tired of hearing the same playlist played at the same times each day.

When watching the two videos by Jad Abumrad I think the thing he said about the hosts being shamans to their listeners is one of the reasons that radio transmissions have been able to last as long as they have.  The radio hosts build a circle of connections and the host is the shaman in the middle of the circle, inducing a dream state or alternate reality.  These people known as radio hosts paint a picture or connect to individuals in ways in which keeps people coming back for more.

Shaman of the Radio Waves                            painting many pictures!!

Jad Abumrad also states that radio should of died about 50 or more times already.  Radio hasn’t died it has just transformed into a different form than what it used to be.  With all  the technology, all the apps we still get a portion of the radio just in a different format.  Like I stated earlier I listen to talk radio shows in the mornings on my way to work not because I enjoy that specific station, but I like the stories that are told whether it be funny or serious.  I haven’t listened to it in years and I’m not sure if you can listen to it in this area but “Bob and Tom”  on the Bob and Tom Show are what comes to mind when Jad talks about Shamans who paint a picture for you to interpret.

When listening to the Audiolab “Detective Stories”, I gained a little better understanding of what the wavelengths meant and how it was used.  You can tell that they are going to break or taking pauses and can see when they are getting louder in their presentations.  I know we downloaded audiolab the first week but was really unsure what it was or how it worked.  The Detective Labs clip paints a good picture of substance of place and what is going on and taking breaks inbetween for station ID.  I know this is just a blurb but I look forward to diving into this website.

When looking over Audicity I was glad that they broke down the tips and techniques into a tutorial.  Being that I don’t produce radio stations on the reg, or record myself ever I was glad they put this on their for someone who has no experience in this genre. Hopefully with these handful of tips I will now be able to add more cowbell into my presentations.

I made sure to take a look at some of the free audio resources and played around with a couple of the sound clips.  I’m looking forward to using some of these clips into my assignments.  Which Ones??? There are so many to choose from I can see myself playing around with these for quite sometime.  When it comes to the radio station/radio shows I look forward to trying to point out the different tools they used at different sections.

Shut the Front Door, we Survived Week 4!!!!!


So I first want to say I survived another week of the Apocalypse and I hope all my other survivors did as well.  I will say this week has been the toughest yet for me.  Not because the material or visual assignments were hard, but I had to think and plan a bit more on how to get the perfect shot for certain aspects of the assignments.  I also had to manage my time a lot more this week than previous three weeks to try to get these shots.  When doing the Photoblitz I didn’t want to do it on UMW campus because I felt I wouldn’t have all the tools at my disposal to complete it in the allotted 20 minute time frame.   I was able to complete this with flying colors once I arrived home.  This week took a little extra time at least for me due to the creativity factor which I tried to nail this week more than the last few weeks.

My Four Daily Creates for this week

In this daily create we had to let others know how thankful we are for them, the people I am most thankful for are my two little ones.

During this hot pocket daily create I seen that everyone had quite creative hot pocket flavors.  After viewing all the different flavors on google I decided to choose what flavor I thought would be the nastiest to taste and hence I chose toenail mhmmmm good!!!

This daily create was about bones, so I thought why not break someones bones rather than their heart.  With only having one heart and 206 bones it seems like you would have more fun in the long run with breaking so many bones of others just sayin.

In this daily create we had to find a piece of graffiti that had DS106 on it, I just so happened to walk by a fresh piece of artwork someone had just tagged on a wall, while walking in downtown Fredericksburg.

Reflections and What I Learned in week 4 


So this week we had to watch a couple clips/movies La Jetee and I chose The Road.  I think the toughest part about this process was finding time to watch these films in between my kids commandeering the T.V. and them watching Power Rangers and Lab Rats on Netflix.  I had to wait until they went to bed to get a full grasp on these movies/clips.  La Jetee was different for me in that it was a movie of just pictures telling a story something I’m not used to. I figured the main character was going to survive but nope he didn’t which made me mad because I actually thought he would.  The Road surprisingly was a good movie about a father and a son, who have to fight off cannibals and others who were trying to stay alive as they were.

I ended up doing three Visual assignments to get my required 6 stars.  I choose Places Of Peace, my favorite photo and Before and After The End.   I quite the visual assignment2109 Places of Peace I decided to use zombie themed pictures to set up the background of what my new found friends and I like to do to be peaceful when we weren’t doing zombie things.

In the visual assignment “favorite photo” I chose a photo of myself and my family.  It was my favorite photo due to it being the first actual family photos we had gotten since my son was born.  These pictures were long over due and I just like the story it tells about my two kids.  One being the camera hog and the other being mad about her brother taking the last piece of candy.

The last Visual Assignment I chose was the Before and after the Apocalypse I originally made the juxtapose picture in word which took me longer than I wanted it to.  After talking to our teacher she pointed me to use the website she provided which actually made this juxtapose assignment go quite quickly. The top picture here is the picture I created in Microsoft word, while bottom is one created through the knightlab.


I made sure to comment on Cypherpunk106’s blog as I was quite impressed with their use of juxtapose on the Monticello building located on UMW campus.  They did a really good job of making the picture look eerie and apocalyptic. I also commented on Samara’s post as I was intrigued on how they interpreted the clip La Jetee and the movie The Road.  Their interpretation of The Road drove me to watch the movie one that I had never watched before.  I’m glad I read their post because this movie was definitely a good watch.


Tips I learned this week to become a better picture taker, are using contrast, using better perspective and use depth in taking photos.  I have done these kinda in my pictures but maybe not to the level I would like for my picture to pop.  I tried to use some of these tips and tricks in my pictures this week for this week’s photoblitz, but my techniques are still a big work in progress.  My photoblitz pictures can be seen at


Question of the week

Do you think an animated GIF can be considered a story? Why or why not? It would be great to include some examples to illustrate your thoughts.

I think a single GIF can be considered a story if presented right and in the right context.  But I think to better tell a story we should use multiple GIF’s to paint a picture to tell  that story.   GIF’s are very short fractions of photos or films.  So if you know the context of the photo or movie the GIF will make sense to the individual viewing the GIF.  Below I told a story of how the end is near and that you should save yourself and the bottom is me taking off trying to save myself.

This concludes my week four, I just hope I can survive week 5!!!!!


The Road And La Jetee TWO totally different Movies!!!!!!

La Jetee

My first thought of La Jetee after the first couple of minutes was that I had seen a movie like this before.  A movie where people have their dreams manipulated.  The movie I instantly thought of was the movie Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio.  But this is besides the point.  Throughout the early parts of the clip I seen that a war had taken place and I thought the individuals in the cots were orginally sick and or prisoners of war.  But to my amazement they were being used as test subjects by the frankensteinish  scientists who all looked the part with their freaky glasses. The subjects in the earlier part had gone mad or died due to extreme measures of the experiments being inflicted onto them.  I was really confused on what the scientists wanted the participant to find through his dreams.  We know through the film that he goes into his past meeting up with a familiar face of a woman, he maybe once knew.  I was really hoping that he would stay in this dream state and that they would live happily ever after.  But this was not the case, they kept waking him from his dreams and then would increase the dosage of medicine to make his dreams more vivid.  I feel that the museum was a set up for his future death.   I chose this picture because it was the moment I thought the man was going to escape through his dream state but instead he dies which frustrated me because he never made it to the woman who he wanted to get to the whole time.

I was really amazed  toward the end of how the producer of the clip showed movement with quick action shots, showing the man running toward the woman.  I feel the clip did a good job throughout the man’s dreams of showing the couple moving throughout the city, with out any actual movements just different still shots.  I didn’t know what to think when they film went silent was confused on what was going on at these moments, but I feel the producer of this clip over all did a good job of showing a movie with only pictures.


I ended up watching the movie The Road because it was a movie I hadn’t watched before and one I didn’t have to pay for.   When watching the movie I noticed that they did a lot of close ups of the characters but also showed depth of what was going on in the backgrounds, such as trees falling or the fires burning.  The movie skips back and forth between the Father and his son and the man and his wife.  In these shots of the man and his wife and then with their child it looks like the destruction had already started to take place due to their prepping of cans and other supplies.   In this movie every man is out for themselves.  Individuals are starving and will do whatever it takes to survive stealing, pilaging, and even cannibalism. The movie shows that humanity is lost. These things in the movie are considered to be normal now, if they plan on surviving. While watching this movie I couldn’t imagine trying to survive these times with my family of four.  I seen where families had taken the easy way out, rather than being killed by others it would suck for it to come to that.

I chose this GIF from the movie because it is at this point in a fathers eyes he must do everything in his power to protect his children.  The father is looking down the barrel of his gun at the person that wants to try and take his child.  In this scene the kid gets snatched up and the father instinctively shoots the man trying to take his son, which would of ate him like a snack.

I feel that this movie was pretty good based on the circumstances at hand.  I feel like we take for granted what we currently have and the lives we live that this could possibly be us in these circumstances. Towards the end we see that humanity isn’t completely lost on people that a complete stranger took in the kid. Overall a good movie definitely glad I watched it.

Hanging out with others like me, puts me at peace!!!!

So I chose this two star assignment because I wanted to show the environments and people who put me at peace.  Now that I have this big craving for flesh and blood it seems that these people are the only ones that want to hang out with me, without trying to shoot me.   So the pictures from left to right top to bottom are all things during the apocalypse that put me at peace others like me.  I like to go drinking with my other zombie friends after a long day of chasing the unaffected, it really takes a toll on the knees and hanging with them puts me at peace.  When I’m not chasing the humans this is by far my favorite seat to sit in and relax, really puts me in the mindset of what life is all about now.  My family got infected as well so the babies are kept in this cage due to being to slow to catch the humans at this point in their little lives.  The top right picture speaks for itself, who doesn’t like to go boating my friends I surely do.  We use boats to sneak to new locations looking for new humans to attack.  Last but not least who doesn’t like watching a good horror film with your favorit person, whats ironic is the movies we watch are about us.  So hanging out with my new group of infected friends, my chair, my sweet zombie babies, boating and watching movies all put me at peace.

My Family makes for my favorite photo.

Assignment: Storytelling with Photos

I chose this 2 star visual assignment to share my favorite photo. The photo below is by far my favorite photo.  This is a photo of myself and my family.  My son at the front of the picture is quite the little ham and a camera hog if you can’t tell.  My daughter is upset because my son had the last piece of candy.  The candy was used to try and keep them interested in taking the family photos.  Are we bad parents for using bribes to get our kids to stay focused?? I think not you try to wrangle a 2 year old and 5 year old and let me know how that goes.  This was the first time since my son was born that we were able to get family pictures.  So it was good to finally capture our family as we all know kids grow to fast.  So out of all the pictures we have in our house, this one is my most cherished, favorite photo.


I was so happy….The apocalypse happened stuff got crazy!!!!!!!!!!

      So there I was prior to the apocalypse happy as could be in my nice warm cozy house.  As you can see in my before picture on the left I was happy go lucky not a worry in the world.  The infection started with a cough here, a cough there.  People started to turn and not for the good.  People were attacking people eating their flesh, it was all I could do to get my family out.  We left our recently purchased home and traveled up to York, Pennsylvania.  My mom and her boyfriend lived there.  He boyfriend had a assortment of guns and weapons, an armory.  He had prepared for this for years and thank god he had.  Five years had went by before we could make it back to our home after the zombie problem was solved. Our home had been ransacked by others who were foraging for food or shelter.  It was a complete disaster but it was still ours, we could rebuild.  The picture on the right is my after picture taken in the same house by the same door we had left 5 years before.  You can see by my facial expression that I was in utter shock and suprise to how our house had ended up.  You’ll have to excuse the greenish color we didn’t have electricity at this point and had to use glow sticks as our lighting.

Before apocalypse on the left/ After apcalypse on the right done through                     Microsoft Word
This is my picture through the This process on this website took me less time than it did on Microsoft word.

Here is the link to the website to look at the photo above.


After the Apocalypse
           Before the apocalypse

So I chose this assignment as I figured it would be easy to make the picture apocalyptic in nature.  I used microsoft word to manipulate these photos to merge them together.  When reading about what juxtapose was on google it showed many photos that were merged together showing continuity between the pictures as a whole.  The pictures looked as if they should naturally be fitted together.  So after reading about this and finding out what juxtapose is the picture above is my product of this.


 Example of Juxtapose

The Tips and Tricks of the PhotoTrade…..Plus some creepy buildings!!!!!!!

Assignment: Thinking about Photos

     I have taken a lot of pictures over time mostly with my phone, and I usually just shoot to capture the moment, not to be a full on photographer.  After reading some of the tips, I learned that I could better my pictures with a few easy things I never have used.  A technique that  I want to start incorporating into my pictures is the use of creating depth.  I feel this makes the subject or thing in the picture pop.  Most of the pictures I take are of my kids, capturing there moments from babies until now.  Using the creating depth tip I can make the pictures of my kids stand out more since they are the ones I’m worried about capturing.  Another tip I want to start incorporating into my pictures is perspective.  I learned that if you give a picture a different perspective or view point that it can tell a story or enhance the story you are already trying to convey.  Looking into the light is a tip I have not really used, if anything I have always tried to stay away from it due to I think it being to bright and messing u my pictures, but if done right you can make an amazing looking picture.  I will definitely try to incorporate a sunset or two into my pictures in the near future, using these shadows and colors to paint a beautiful picture.

When looking at tips I also looked at the website at the bottom of the tips and tricks page.   The one I choose is the tips for I-Phone photography even though I currently have a Samsung S8. I have not converted to the dark side yet. I inserted the website to help other who may have an I-phone or a phone that is comparable.  The tip I took away to start with from this website is to keep compositions simple, well at first.  By keeping a pattern or positioning things within your picture with simplicity you can set a mood or tone to convey to your viewer.  By keeping it simple you are bringing your viewers eyes to the composition you want them to focus on not get confused by what they are looking at.  I have not done this my pictures, my pictures are usually a hot mess with no simplicity.  My pictures are random and do not quite show the story I’m trying to get across.  This is a good starting point for me to help tell my future stories through my Samsung S8′


 Abandoned America

Upon looking at the gallery “new additions” on Abandoned America I got the feeling or errieness and desolation.  The tip I see used quite frequently in this gallery is the use of contrast.  In most of the pictures I see the front object, or the object the photographer is trying to highlight in a brighter color by making the background information look more dull.  Through each of these photos you see huge industrial machines and buildings that were once bustling and booming.  To look at pictures prior to abondoment you would of seen people, movement, camaraderie, a sense of well-being.  The pictures now show that something happened gears and levers are stopped frozen in time.  I think it’s kind of sad to think what led to the demise or shut down of these buildings and structures.

Using contrast on industrial                 equipment to signal its importance

When I think of zombies and the apocalypse I think of buildings like these.  Most movies we see about the apocalypse paint a picture similiar to the ones we see in this gallery, trying to show that there is little to no movement from people. That mother nature is taking these structures back.  I feel that during the apocalypse these locations would be ideal to hold, as they are big and good for hiding and storing rations.  I feel that you can use these locations as strong holds, and could use materials to make weapons or tools that could be used to trade or barter with later.

Possible place to use a strong hold



I started my photoblitz at 4:20 pm and ended well within time at 4:33.  I new that this assignment would take some time to do as you need to be quick and creative with your pictures.  I waited until I got home as I knew that I would have more material to work with, compared to being on campus at UMW.  By being at home I was able to meet the time hack and could quickly set up my props as need.  My photos for this assignment are located at my instragram attached to the link.

The list of items I chose for this assignment due to the items that were accessible within my house. I also used this picture to convey what time I started this assignment.


I took a picture of my hand multiple times and this is the best I could, I tried to take up the whole picture to show detail with the hands, trying to capture each line, each callus.
After looking for a top or something that spins amongst all my childrens toys and coming up empty handed. I came across a ball in the corner of their toy room and decided to try and capture the lines of movement while spinning the ball. To my amazement I was able to capture the movement of this ball showing the different movements the lines on the ball were making.
I chose the number 2 as my favorite number. The number 2 signifys the two wonderful children that we have that I greatly adore. And of course it was on a Destiny 2 case of all places.
I will say this is by far my most valued tool. This was the first tool I was given. This hammer was given to me by my late grandpa before he had past.
I pondered on what I could create to show veritical lines, I felt that with the setting of the sun and how the trees looked. It only felt right to convey the vertical lines by using perspective a tip we had learned.
I chose this rock as my picture to show detail in an ordinary item. I was most proud of this picture due to showing the fine details of the rock, but also the use of contrast and perspective two tips I had learned this week to incorporate into my picture.
Door knobs have character and so does this one. This door handle was the VERY first thing I replaced in our new home. Upon getting the keys to the house we changed out the locks. It was a proud moment for us in buying a house, and for me in that the door handle actually works. Plus its the fanciest door handle in our house so why not.
This picture doesn’t really tell a story, but I wanted to signify the time I ended at 4:33 p.m. plus I wanted to try and show perspective, but I feel I still need a lot of work on this newly learned tip.


Reflection of this assignment

Overall I liked this assignment PhotoBlitz.  The hardest thing to do for it though was to devote a block of time and make sure you had mostly everything you needed to complete the assignment.  In regards to the Abandon America, and tips for better picture taking.  I think looking at these pictures and tips will only help us get a better grasp of how to make our picture assignments better in the future and also in our daily lives.

Short Story Reflections


Tupac Shakur and the End of the World

I just read  and completed both of my short stories.  The first story I read was the story by Sandra McDonald “Tupac Shakur and the End of the World”.  At first glance I thought this short story was going to be about Tupac being a zombie and leading a horde of zombie rappers including Biggie into taking over the world as zombies.  After reading the first couple paragraphs I found out quickly that this was not the case.  That the main character Susan was a book writer, who wrote a book over the life of Tupac.  That she had moved to Brooklyn from Florida to get better insight of Pac’s life.

This short story takes place on Interstate 95, with 5 individuals all heading southbound trying to survive what is known as the “Creep” another name for becoming a zombie.  I think the author did a good job giving a slight back story and skill set of each character.  Looking at the Titles of the short stories this title drew my eye in only because I used to listen to Tupac back when he was still alive, who am I fooling I have a Tupac Pandora channel on my playlist.  The author tells about how individuals get the “Creep” another word for turning in a statue or zombie.  She does a good job of describing how the body reacts to this virus.  The virus she speaks of is like a fast moving virus like the plague, that it enters the body through scraps, bruises, or extreme bruises.  I was expecting a horde of zombies to attack these people but instead these people were only effected if they were clumsy and got hurt.  I would of definitely had the creep, as I am a very clumsy.  The creep took over like arthritis a symptom I would of never thought used in a post apocalyptic scene but it worked for this story.  People effected by the Creep had their bodies shut down, and would turn into statues in a sense. It was hard to move or stay limber.  Most of the main characters die off, and we see Susan the main character get the “Creep”

which I didn’t expect to happen but it did.  I see everything coming full circle as she is now at the foot of a Tupac statue a person she had wrote about in here book.  Jack tries to console her, but in the end by the wording of the last sentence or two I think Jumping Jack pulled the trigger to end Susan’s life that how I interpreted it.  Overall a good read .


There Will Come Soft Rain

There Will Come Soft Rain by Ray Bradbury was the 2nd short story I read.  I was really amazed that this book was written in the 1950’s, a time where there was not automated technology as there is today.  For being written in the 50’s the author Ray Bradbury was pretty spot on with the description of todays and future technology.  Maybe this guy like Marty McFly traveled to the future and knew something we didn’t.  The author used the back drop of a nucleur blast painting a picture of what happened to the family, the house and the surrounding areas.  I think this was written in a time when nucleur war was at an all time high, where people where on edge, due to the potential of a nucleur holacaust shortly after WWII.  I feel that the author painted a detailed schedule of how the house worked day in and day out.  My main question is where is the food still coming from after all the days/months/years, the family has not been there.  I thought for a second that the house was going to keep the dog well fed with the pancakes or bacon, or eggs, but I came to the quick shock that the dog dies due to starvation.  With the people gone the house continues to go on which i find quite errie. I think the biggest thing I gained from this short story is that life still goes on with or without you or your family.  That we have created such technology that it doesn’t even need us to exist, this in a sense shows that the robots are taking over.  Overall a good read with good detailed visuals without pictures.