Turn me into a Zombie not my Family !!! I made it through week TWO!!

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, would you rather be turned into a zombie or have everyone you love turned into a zombie? Why?

I would say without a doubt turn me into a zombie.  I would say turn me into a zombie in hopes that my family could get away unscaved. That in my process of morphing into a zombie I could take out a few zombies to give my family a fighting chance.


I would definitely want to be a zombie due to the fact that if I was a zombie I would be so fit because I get to run everywhere, I get to eat meat on the reg, and I have no adult responsibilites such as paying bills or looking after others.  With only being in Virginia for a little over year, becoming a zombie would help with my networking skills hanging out with those that have similiar interests as me such has long distance hikes and eating humans.  So where is this sign up sheet to become a zombie I’ll sign up today.


This week in a Nutshell

           So this week was a lot of setting time aside to tackle each assignment.  I’ve noticed so far that good time management has been the key to success.  After watching the 5 part series End Day I have realized that I would be totally screwed if any of the 5 events would happen today.  Even though the video was fake its not far off if you actually think about, maybe I should think about things I have never thought of before to better save my family.  I haven’t wrote or told a story for a very long time, so I will say that this had taken me a little longer than I expected it to, to gather my thoughts and ideas and finally jot them down.   Over the past few days I tried to switch the appearance of my word press site to make it more appealing to the eye.  I am still working my way around the site trying to customize little details.  Shout out to @Jenn for helping in the Tech section of Slack on how to insert GIF’s into my postings.

I have not watched a whole lot of zombie films or shows, but I have found this to be a genre that has endless amounts of information out there.  Even though its not a genre that I have followed before, I am glad to be on this journey trying to survive the apocalypse with all you DS 106 individuals.  I am looking forward to the small group projects or the entire class porject and see what we can all bring to the table. We have had made it this far and we must all join together to make it to #TheEnd.




The Kid Who almost got left in Texarkana.

Once upon a time there was a family who lived in Texas.  A mom and her 4 kids ranging from the ages 8-4.  The mom met a country boy, a tobacco spittin, bull ridin cowboy who wore wranglers and cowboy boots for every occassion.  She was in Texas so why not.  The mom of four and the cowboy dated for roughly a year until they decided to move to Indiana where the cowboy was originally from.  The mom and the four children knew nothing about Indiana because they had never been outside of the great state of Texas.  The brother and friends of the cowboy travelled all the way down from Indiana to help the family pack their small cramped apartment.  The brother who was also a tobacco spittin, bull riding, wrangler wearing cowboy drove his Chevy Dually a vehicle fitting for this cowboy.  The brother drove down with a trailer attached to the dually to pack the mom and her kids belongings and of course his brothers stuff into the trailer, even though this was the 90’s truck rentals were still expensive especially for the distance that was going to be covered.

Between the Mom, the boyfriend, the friends and the brother there were 3 vehicles used to pack up the families belongings.  The family was embarking on a new venture, starting a new chapter in their lives. Moving away from everything they had ever known.  So the families initial starting point was from Alvin, Texas a small town outside of Houston, known for greatest pitcher that ever existed Nolan Ryan.  That last fact is beside the point.

So the family left Alvin, Texas in the wee hours of the morning. The family and friends drove and drove and drove, for those who ever drove through Texas this is not an easy feet as it is a huge state to get through.  The kids consisted of two boys and two girls.   The two girls rode with the mom in her Toyota Corrola which the back seat was decked out with pillows and blankets to help the two girls to be comfortable on the long journey,  the kids layed in the back probably not wearing seatbelts as laws were not a strict as they are today, but this is besides the point.  The two boys rode with the boyfriend in his Chevy Silverado on a solid one seat bucket seat.  The brother of the boyfriend and the two friends rode in the dually pulling the trailer.  The family, friends and brother were trekking along until the brothers transmission or water pump had went out right outside the city Texarkana.  For those who do not know Texarkana is a small city that is half in Texas and half in Arkansas.

Even though this was not the most ideal time for this to happen, it happened.  For the mom this stop was almost needed as the oldest of the two girls had gotten sick roughly an hour before the transmission went out, vomiting all over that nice layed out blanket bed laid out in the back of the Corolla.  In a time where cell phones were pretty not existent the mom could not communicate what had happened in the back seat.  The brother with the dually had the truck towed to a shop to get his truck fixed and everyone jumped in the remaining two vehicles to go to a local laundry mat to clean the nasty blankets.  The four kids found two kids to play with while at the laundry mat to help pass the time. The laundry was finally finished and it was time to leave. It had already been a long day and everyone was starving as it was around dinner time.

Everyone gets into the two vehicles which was now a tight fit, the boys rode with the boys and the girls rode with the girls.  The two vehicles travelled roughly 5-7 miles up the road to find somewhere to eat that could accommodate all the people.  As the two vehicles arrived at a restruant the mom of the kids asked where the eldest son who was 8 was at.  The Boys asked the same question to the mom expecting this to be a joke.  Each car thought the boy had rode with the other car.  Both cars had come to the realization that the boy had not rode with either car.

The 8 year old sat at the laundry mat not knowing where is family had went as he had noticed that neither of the two cars were present. He had somehow gotten left behind and was overlooked when the others embarked from the laundry mat.  The eight year old did not know what to do, nor did he know which direction the vehicles had went.  He waited and waited and as he was about to walk in a direction which was not the right chose his family showed up frantic of the events that had just transpired.

This is the story of how I almost got left in Texas in 1991, luckily my family was hungry and only went a few miles up the road.


Apocalpyse Stater Kit and Reading Reflection……..The End Is inevitable……….. how do you want to go OUT!!!!!!

Apocalpyse Stater Kit and Reading Reflection

     After watching the 5 part series End Game, I have come to the conclusion I am not prepared at all for any of the 5 situations presented in the clip.  I feel that all 5 of the scenerios can happen today or tomorrow, a month or years from now.  We have gone many years, thousands and thousands of years without getting hit with the big natural disaster that wipes out countries or continents.  We have had storms  such as floods within the past few years, bad tsunamis in asian countries. We may not be making black holes or we might be I don’t know, but with iminent threats of nucleur war, I feel we have the threat of wiping the existence of cultures off the face of the map.  There is always a threat of these events happening, its just a matter of when and how prepared we are.  As a veteran who was tested on preparedness especially being in Korea for a year near the North Korean border even then we were not 100% prepared for every threat and this was our job.  For the general public myself included I feel we are no where near prepared for these events, there would be mass chaos and pandamonium and we are not ready at all.   I usually listen to the news everyday which might work to my families benefit, with knowledge of danger in the near future I could hope to get my family furthest away from a certain impact area.  My family and I might not survive but we would have a better chance of surviving than those who do not hede the warnings.  Warning or false alarm you have to take each one of these threats seriously if you want to live.  Honestly I feel like each one of the scenerios is threatening because we have seen each of these things happen with exception of the black hole.  Each of these things has happened on a small scale but not to the extent we seen in these 5 clips.


What did you learn about apoc/post-apoc science fiction in the Routledge article that you didn’t already know?

After watching movies and reading certain books overtime its always the same background ideas that humans protect their own, by hiding in camps. That darwinism takes place that only the strong will survive.   That mother nature takes over what we have left behind and that martians take over the world killing or enslaving all humans.  What I learned was that throughout the 60’s/70’s women authors of science fiction were actually pretty aparanent or popular in this time when mostly men were leading in this genre due to the era.  I learned that the feminist movement during this time heavily influenced how these science fiction books were written.  No knowing the era or the authors this may have been something you would not of known by reading these SF books by these female authors.

What are your initial reactions to the novel excerpt you read? Is this a book you would continue to read? Why or why not?

The book excerpt I read was from the book World War Z,  as I know there is a movie out about this I have suprisingly never watched it.  After reading the excerpt I feel that I do want to read more of what happened to the village and those who were also infected stemming from patient zero. I find th is book interesting in showing how these plagues or diseases start.

My First Blog Every and Becoming acquainted with a New Genre

Hello Guys and Gals this is my first ever blog  so please bare with me.  This week hasn’t been to rough in getting everything organized.  A little confusing at times due to never taking a class with a genre such as this.  I will say that this class has opened the doors to applications I have nevered used before such as Twitter and or sound cloud, I was going to sing but decided I won’t hurt your ears.  My journey this week has been just making sure I have anything and everything I need to be successful in this course.  I was a little confused about how to set-up my word press and start the website, but with a little help from Elania ( hopefully I got the spelling correct) in the Hurley Convergence center in room 408 she definitely put me on the right track.  I know this is the first week but I was glad to be able to meet new people and take a ride on the DS 106 train.  I would highly recommend those like myself to reach out to the tutors in Room 408 as it is very beneficial to moving forward.

     <——-DS 106 Train

What is your own personal relationship with apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic fiction?

I feel that I may not have a plan as of yet in apocalyptic  or post-apocalyptic planning which I probably should with todays every growing threats.  I would say that my version of this fiction would be a entire group of people or locations wiped off the earth on a much greater scale than we have ever seen,  even greater devestation than we seen during the World War with the atomic bombs that were dropped.

  • Are there particular stories (from books, TV, movies, etc.) that have resonated with you? Why?

I would say that a couple of TV shows have resonated with me the show Stranger Things and the show Vikings.  In the show Stranger things an alternate universe is proposed where aliens and or things unhuman live.  The visuals in the alternate universe make me feel that this is the way certain locations will look during an apolcalyptic occurance desimatted and overgrown.  While watching Vikings they talk of  what is called Ragnorok  a series of events, including a great battle between gods of these vikings and the occurrence of various natural disasters, and the subsequent submersion of the world in water.   Even though this is maybe far fetched in sense.  We are already seeing multiple places especially in 2017 being submerged or battered by water, wind and other elements.  Is this the start of what we  would call  Ragnorok. Just Maybe!!.


  • What genre of the apocalypse (zombie, alien invasion, plague, etc) seems particularly interesting to you? Why?

I feel that the genre that would interest me the most would be the plague.  I say this because I have a family and this is the last thing we would want to endure if we found ourselves in a pre or post apolocalyptic setting.  Plagues throughout time have wiped many families of the map.  And in the case of a plague individuals will die or kill to protect or cure themselves or their family members.  In a sense a dog eat dog world. In regards to zombies and alien invasions, I believe that these things can take place but neither has happened to my knowing as of today, so I would be more interested in the plague and how to avoid at this point.