The End is Finally Upon Us!!!!!!

So the end is finally here and this is my final summary post.  It is kinda of bittersweet that this semester/ this class is coming to an end.  It doesn’t seem that 16 weeks has already gone by.  I will say that this class is no where near what I thought it would be.  I have quite enjoyed my time within this class learning about new programs and working with genres I never really messed with prior to this class.  From my first couple of days asking tons of questions on how this is done and how that works I feel that I have came a long way in my abilities atleast I hope so.  I feel that Martha and the group of DS 106 has gotten me to step outside by box over this past 16 weeks.  I found myself prior to this class not on the creative side, with a little nudge and a workload that kept me busy at times I felt that I was more creative now then I had been before.  I really loved the apocalypse theme.  This is a genre I never really watched or never really dealt with, the apocalypse was a good change of pace from the norm.

I have completed my end project I think I finally cracked the code you can read all the details of my story  By Golly I think I Finally Cracked the Code!!!!  I just feel that Martha was a pawn in this whole thing and I wish these people would just give her, her damn hat back already.

I’m glad that I was able to connect with a group that was hard working and dedicated to kick ass on our radio show Apocalyptic Airwave, each of these members brought a particular skillset that made our radio show rock.  All our hard work and dedication paid off and we were actual able to win the Digital Project Contest.



Here are my final 7 Daily Creates

I am so excited for the next two weeks to be over, but at the same time I am stressing with 2 projects, 3 papers, a 4 finals. Soooooo, I am happy and going crazy at the same time.

The words I got were pretty random but flowed quite well with the haiku I had created for this daily create.

So even though she was fed she still left us that unforeseen present she warned us about.


I found it only fitting that the horse be named Horsey McHorseFace, because in the picture he was all face and no body.  So here is Horsey McHorseFace.


So as you can see I am far from an artist, hence why I am not majoring in an art degree here at Mary Washington.  But my favorite people are my family.

I would go and get some icecream/froyo but it is rainy and nasty out, not good weather to eat such a delicious treat like this.



Well this is the end of my end!!!!!!

We Dabbled and Delved into Week 12!!!!

Week 12

This week was a fun one for me I got to go back to some of the genre’s I enjoyed early in the semester. I finished my work in a timely manner by trying to be proactive on the assignments that were presented to us.  Over the past few weeks I feel like I have rushed my work due to time constraints of my own doing, this week was a much-needed slow down in pace.  I think the hardest part for me this week was trying to incorporate the evidence we have obtained and making sense of it.  I seen the evidence presented by others and I tried to tie in and build on what they had presented.  I look forward to what others have/will present so that we can finally get to the bottom of what all this evidence means in the grand scheme of things.


World War Z…..A MEEMEE!!!  (2 stars)

I created this meme for the 2 star visual assignment What’s the Meme?  I created this meme for one of the scenes within the book.  One of the battles the individuals lined up in a firing line, by this time there was a better plan of attack where firing line took turns or shifts, in helping to take out and  stack the bodies of the zombies.  If a person got tired due to exhaustion an individual overseeing their progress would tap them out and replace them with someone with fresh eyes.  I feel that the person in the photo is more than ready to be relieved.



Christina Eliopolis’s BucketList (2 Stars)


That Bucket List Though (2 STARS): Create a bucket list for at least one character from your novel.

Pre-war, Christina Eliopolis was an FA-22 Raptor pilot, one of the most advance pieces of tech ever to tickle the clouds. And when fighting zombies, it amounted to little more than buyer’s remorse.  Eliopolis’s main mission went from winning wars to airborne resupply.  The Air Force with the help of Christina Elipoilis dropped in supplies, so they could keep on keeping on. Success meant dropping in anything from medicine, food, resources, machines, and sometimes even people.  While in the bathroom—portable chempot truth be told— she felt a jolt as if God’s boot just kicked the back of their plane off. The air pressure sucked Eliopolis out the back. She pulled her chute and noticed another chute made it out in time. She tried the radio but got nothing. That was the worst of it for her, just hanging in the air, helpless and useless. Thankfully, the Air Force had given her some training for this type of situation at the Willow Creek Escape and Evade program. Also, Eliopolis was more than use to occupying hostile territory. This was a little excerpt from the Book World War Z setting the scene for what was taking place.

Bucket List:

  1. Find out what brought down the plane.
  2. Finding out if “Mets” was a figment of her imagination.
  3. If not an imagination, Christina Eliopolis wants to know where she can find “Mets” so she can thank her, for helping her get to safety.
  4. Find the remnants of her downed plane
  5. Become a skywatcher, to help others, like she was helped that day.


Destination Post Card (3 stars)

I decided to do the Destination Post Card 3 STARS: Create a destination postcard for a setting from my novel World War Z.   I decided to create this postcard to try to draw individuals to Yonkers, New York.  I painted the picture as if Yonkers is the hot spot to be at.Realistically this is far from the place anyone would want to be at.



Animated GIF Alternative Cover (5 Star)

For this assignment Animated GIF Alternative Cover a  5 Star assignment we were to  revisit the apocalyptic novel cover from earlier this semester, but make it an animated GIF this time.  I was unable to make the background of my original cover animated, so I found a clip that included a helicopter, like the helicopter that was in my original alternate book cover.  I chose to go with an animated background as well as animated wording so that way it would draw in the readers attention.  I wanted my GIF to not only be animated by text but also by background.  I made sure to put the text in a way that did not occlude the focus of the GIF which is the helicopter being attacked by zombies. Here is my GIF below I hope you enjoy.



This is my original alternate book cover for my book World War Z.  I was trying to use this as a GIF but I didn’t like how I couldn’t get the background to be interactive.  I know there is probably a way to do this, but I guess I just don’t know how at this point.  Here is my original alternate book cover below:



One Step Closer to Solving the Evidence Crisis

I wanted to build off the evidence that cypherpunk106 and katie temple had found about Millard Rausch a.k.a Jim Groom.  After exploring Jim Groom’s Social Media account Twitter.  It looks to be that Jim Groom has escaped a mental asylum and is now using Reclaim Hosting as a front to infect those who do not heed his directions.


Question of the week

Look to your right. The thing you see is the only weapon you’ll have during the End. How will you use it to survive?

Well being that I am sitting on the couch it looks like I have one of three choices of things to choose from my right to use as a weapon.  My soda can which is now empty, my t.v. remote, and my wife.  Being that my soda is empty it really has no weight to it but I guess I could fill it with rocks or cement and throw it as a projectile.  I guess I could configure the remote in such a way to make it into a taser, but being that the batteries in the remote are fairly old I’m sure I won’t get to far this way.  Last but not least is my wife, she is 4’11” but don’t let her size fool you.  She is definitely a fire cracker and is quite feisty I wouldn’t want to be on her bad side.   Out of the three options I chose my wife, she was in the military for 5 years and knows how to shoot a weapon, can do combatives and she is smart and quick on her feet.  The soda can wouldn’t last me but a couple of throws before I would lose it, and the remote well we already went over the lack of power I would have.  I would use my wife to take care of my light work, and I would come in and take out the heavy hitters, we would be a 1, 2 punch when it comes to surviving the end.  So hands down I would choose my wife as my weapon of choice.

Nothing was more Divine than WEEK 9!!!

This week was the unveiling of our radio shows, a few daily creates, and reflections of how we did our book covers differently.  I was ever so glad to show the DS106 class our finally project that my group had created.  The stress of completing this project was a little daunting at first, but after the radio show aired we were quite relieved that everyone loved our show.  I stretched out my work this week to give myself something to do everyday to get me to this point.  I enjoyed the last few weeks as it let me work with a group of individuals I had never seen or worked with before, and I got to work on something I wasn’t entirely happy with before.  I will say these last couple of weeks have been busy even though the workload may not of been as heavy as previous weeks.  Here is my Week 9 summary of all the stuff I did this week down below.

So I found two songs that I thought sounded a lot a like at the beginning of each song Britney Spears Unusual You vs Charli XCX Break The Rules in this daily create you had to find two songs or more that all sound or start off the same.  Here is my mash-up of the two songs I chose here:


My Daily Create from 3/21/2018, This is Carson’s post Apocalypse Checklist.  He likes to nap a lot after all the zombies he had killed during the apocalypse, that and he is mostly drunk so naps seem like the most logical thing to do.

I decided to do the Daily Create on 3-23-2018, I was a day late doing it due to not being home, but I definitely had to weigh in on who rules dogs or cats.  Hands down I will say dogs.  They can be used as service dogs as shown in my photos, are great protectors and if you are longing for a cat they can fill this void as well by sprawling over you with their big bodies.  Now I’m not saying cats don’t help individuals in need as well, but you almost need to be at home to get this comfort from a cat, a dog you can take with you most anywhere.

Radio Show Reflection

I will definitely say that the past few weeks have been exciting being able to work with my group Apocalyptic Airwave.  I feel that 5 complete strangers did make it through the Apocalypse, with the help of each other.  Not only did they help each other during the Apocalypse but these five individuals put together a pretty good show if I say so myself.  It was slow-moving at first….thanks SPRING BREAK…..but once we got our heads together and came up with great ideas we put together these ideas and formulated our show.  We only met a couple of times, but each time was very productive and well worth the time spent bouncing ideas of each other.  I was happy with our overall end product from 5 individuals who had little to know experience in making a radio show.  I enjoyed seeing all the different directions each group had went in comparison to ours.  I had listened to DS106Radio a couple of nights and was quite pleased with all the hard work each group had put into their final products.

World War Z Revision

I decided to revise my book cover by making my book cover an interactive one.  I use GIF’s all the time but I have never made one, so I decided for this new revision of my book cover I would bring the book cover to life, not only using a GIPHY for the background picture, but also a GIPHY for the Text.  Here is my revised work below.  I know you can’t really put this on a hard back book, but maybe this could be used on the digital version of the book.

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


I tried to comment a lot this week, I know over Spring break I didn’t comment as much as I had before.   But this week I went through slack started from the bottom of the blog posts and worked my way up trying to comment on quite a few posts.  The posts that I commented on were mostly about our classes radio shows, it was fun to see the direction that everyone had went in the production of their shows. I’m not sure how many comments I threw out there but I know it was way more than the previous week while we were on spring break.



What’s one thing you definitely couldn’t live without during the apocalypse? How would you go about obtaining it?

Oreo’s……. I could not live without Oreo’s.



Well I know this would be hard to find but I would give all my money if it even had value during the apocalypse to get me a bag or square package whatever you call it.  If money wouldn’t get me these I would definitely trade my most prized procession that I had at the current time.

The countdown begins to the Airing of APOCALYPTIC AIRWAVE !!!!!

So the past week was a week of relaxation for me from the hustle and bustle of classes everyday of the week.  Over the past few weeks I have made numerous Daily Creates, a poster for our Radio show, and collaborated with my group Apocalyptic Airwave on our radio show.  So over Spring break my family and I stayed local and that was probably a good thing as it gave my group and I time to formulate our radio show.  I first started off talking to Samara Wong a member of our group bouncing ideas off of her for our Radio Show, as she stayed local as well.  After bouncing ideas off of her, she hit the ground running with the script for our radio show.  After having a majority of it written we ended up meeting during spring break at Hyperion Coffee shop, which if you haven’t been there, their coffee is actually pretty good.  All three of us met up utilized Hyperions free internet and through our google doc Samara created we were all able to collaborate at the same time seeing what each other was writing and building off that.   Meeting up initially with our group even for that one day I thought was pretty productive and only projected us forward in the process of building our radio show.



My daily Create from Tuesday 2/27/2018  I ended up posting both these pictures as you could not see the character or what I was afraid of becoming during the apocalypse in the first tweet.  My character Carson Gordon was afraid of becoming the thing he hated the most a zombie.  He keeps having bad dreams where he has become a zombie, but luckily it was only a bad dream.


My daily create for Wednesday 2/28/2018 I created this picture using the Pictionary word generator.  My two words I got were “rocket” and “arm”.  My drawing isn’t the greatest, but I hope people were able to get the jist of what I was trying to portray here.

My daily create March 3, 2018 4th Rule of Robotics All I know after reading the first 3 Rules of Robotics is that Robots are tired of listening to humans and have decided to do their own thing. Thanks to canva I was able to mark out the other 3 rules and implement a 4th law.


Daily create from March 4, 2018  So I did the Wheel of Fortune Daily create and I was hoping to get some responses or guesses on what people guessed to try and solve the puzzle.  I figured most people would guess wrong, and I wanted to see what they actually thought puzzle was.  The answer to the puzzle is “EAT SHOT AND DIE”, My character Carson would pump a zombie full of BuckSHOT, if they got near.


Daily Create March 12, 2018 Thanks to Snapchat I was able to morph into an animal or an insect in this case.  I was trying to find the dog filter but unfortunately was unable to find it.  So here I am as a dear, with my miniature deer followers.

March 13, 2018 Daily create.  So I ended up creating this last message to my parents using Canva, I hope it made to them before……well you know the apocalypse got to them.  I know out of all 4 of our parents kids that I am the favorite, I mean they haven’t came out and said it, but I know.  I just hope they got this prior to THE END!!!


OUR RADIO SHOW Apocalyptic Airwave


So above is my radio show poster I made for the Apocalyptic Airwave.  The barn will make more sense of why it is in the background once we get to play our radio show.  So getting together with a group of strangers to make a radio show was kind of challeging at times.  These people are people you have only met through slack and not in person, well not until we met for our callaboration.  What made this project the most challaging is that it took place during spring break.  Now you might think this is the best time to get together for a group project, but actually it wasn’t the best time due to many of the other members being away for spring break.  Everyone has busy schedules which also makes it hard to get together at specific times.  Luckily for my group we were able to meet face to face 3 times.  Each one of these meetings/ collaborations were very productive and not much messing around took place.  I think the work ethic of my group was quite supurb as we were not very far in our radio show progress during spring break except for the portion Samara Wong did, but the 3 days we met we knocked out everything we needed to do.  We thought we were behind every other radio show group, after seeing their blog posts of where they were compared to where we were at.  But after seeing their posts this week it seems that we are actually ahead of the other groups as we were able to turn in our finished copy of our radio show a couple of days ago.  Like I stated Samara did a brunt of the writing, and Taylor Ostrom did a fantastic job with the voice overs, that brought our story full circle.  Rachel Harris and Caroline Rose Callahan were big helps in getting the show put together piece by piece through Audacity.  We all didn’t know much about how Audacity worked prior to this project, but I feel that we are Subject Matter Experts at this point, atleast we tell ourselves that.   Caroline Rose Callahan did an amazing job at playing two parts in our story without her being flexible in playing two parts I feel we wouldn’t of got our program together in such a quick manner.  Overall I am proud of my group, and happy with the amount of work each individual contributed to the success of Apocalyptic Airwave.  Hands Down I feel I had the best group of them all.


Question of the Week.

If the apocalypse were to happen, and you had to become something. . .else. Which kind of something would you want to be and why?

A time-traveler with the ability to potentially travel back and forth in time to change the outcome of the apocalypse?

I would chose to be a time traveler because I would be able to bounce back and forth between times to of course try and fix or stop the apocalypse from happening.  I would also use this ability to help myself out.  Like learn from all the mistakes I made throughout life and go back in time and fix them to help my situation or my families situation.  Whats the saying if I only knew then what I know now, something like that.  I would go back in time and invest into apple stocks, or take life lessons I have learned now and incorporate them into my past decisions.  I just think it would be cool to bounce around in general see different eras I’ve never lived in.

Flying Doctor Who GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

No Zombie Tricks this week we made it through week 6!!!!!!

Week 6 Wrapped Up

First off I will thank goodness we survived another week of the apocalypse.  So this week was a fun one for me.  Being able to create my character Carson Gordon,  being able to play around with different design techniques and going for a stroll through downtown Fredericksburg to find design concepts.  With each passing week I feel myself trying to be more creative by enhancing the techniques that we have used or learned the weeks prior.  This week Carson Gordon reached out to other survivors to create a team.  My group consists of Caroline Callahan, (Rachel Harris- “Sarah Thatcher”,) (Taylor Ostrom- “Alex Whitmore”), and (Samara Wong- “Winifred Hart”), and of (course myself- “Carson Gordon”).  Our team being assembled now we are more prepared for THE END.

This week I ended up using the resources or suggestions given to us in the resources page for this week.  I ended up using Canva and GIMP as the main applications for my finished products.  As I am new to both of these programs I ended up either doing the tutorials, googling or asking for help in Slack.  As my products are no masterpieces as of yet, I feel that they are progressively getting better and I have others to thank for getting me caught up to speed.


My Hero Machine Creation

I created the bad ass Carson Gordon on the website Hero Machine.  Carson Gordon Is a prior veteran from the United States Army who has a background in medical.  He is an expert in teaching and practicing life saving techniques and is an expert in shooting shit.  His dog Mufasa looks forward to chewing on some new bones i.e. zombie bones.  I had fun creating this character, even though it took me awhile I was able to finally get the finished product I wanted.  I practically went through each character trait to see what my guy would look like, I guess I was goofing off more than I was working so I guess this is why it took me so long.

Carson Gordon in the Flesh











Daily Creates

 Design Assignments

I choose to do my alternate book cover in a stair step fashion with my text, something different from what I had seen with most of the book covers or movies I looked up for this book.  I completed the Apocalyptic Alternative Book Cover assignment by using the program GIMP which is supposedly similar to Adobe Photoshop, but GIMP was free.  It was a learning process as this program was new to me and I have a lot to learn but below is my revamped World War Z book cover, with the crater on the middle where the zombies were officially eradicated.

World War Z alternate book cover


Hopefully we can find her Hat @Marthas Hat


Destination Post Card Assignment


Responses to others

Jillian Gillman’s character Tala looks as if she is realistic.   Like she just had her photo taken my a cell phone.  I really liked her use of the background to make the photo more realistic. I was having some trouble getting my character to look natural in different settings because I was unable to get the white background off of my character I created in Hero Machine.  After looking at Jillian’s page and looking at Alex in his natural habitat by Daniel Mercado I wanted my character to look as like he was in a natural setting as well.  So I reached out as well as commented on these other sites to get a better understanding of how to impose my character a certain setting.

Question of the Week

Group dynamics can be tricky.
What’s been the most succesful group you’ve been a part of and what made it work?

I would say that the most successful group I have been in, is a platoon I was attached to while in the Army.  Each individual had a different job and in order for the group to be successful each member of the team had to do their job, pull their weight to make day to day missions work.  Biggest thing was communication dishing it out or delegating to others or listening to potential issues.  People say communication is one of the biggest keys for success, this is especially true when it comes to the Army or armed forces communication or lack there of can get others hurt.  Being a leader at times, and other times letting others lead makes a person’s sense of purpose seem more worth it.

Week 5 I’m Still Alive!!!

Week Five Summary.

This week we used sound in our assignments, I had fun with this weeks assignments due to all the things you can do to manipulate sounds.  I got a late jump this week in my works due to having to learn some of the techniques needed to be successful in the things I produced.  I found the resource page to be pretty useful and I loved all the options we had to use free open source sounds.  The application I have gravitated to so far has been audacity, after I few hours and a couple clips later I feel I have a slight grasp of how to use it.  The website I enjoyed using as well was Freesound as it seemed to have every sound I wanted for my products.  This week was fun because it was something new that I hadn’t messed with before, with exception of cassette tapes and my old stereo system and recording live radio segments.

Assignment: Frequency 2156

So when I did my contribution to the Frequency 2156 site, I had to record my clip multiple times, on Audacity until I could finally get a clip I was happy with.  I then downloaded a couple of background noise clips fo blend in with my audio file.  I used the website Freesound to get all of my background sounds I felt like they had a good selection to choose from.  Overall I enjoyed being creative with my audio file being able to contribute to the overall story being told.  The sound clip I create is located below.

Assignment: Choose Your Own Audio

So this week I dove in on the audio assignment bank.  I decided to do two assignments to make up my five stars needed for the assignment portions.  I ended up with 7 stars instead.  I used the programs and some of the websites that were given to us in this weeks resources to come up with the audio files that I ended up using.  As this is the first time really dealing with these types of files I was behind the power curve a bit.  But after a few tutorials and a couple Youtube videos I was able to complete the assignment Auditory Hell (2 stars)

and Humming Away   (5 stars).  I played around with the Audacity app to make these files and then I uploaded them into Soundcloud.  It took awhile but here is what I created below.


Assignment: Character Choice and Introduction

So I chose a hard ass for my archetype character.  He is a prior veteran with a score to settle with the zombies.  He has many skills that hopefully will come in handy within the survival group.  I used the website Canva  to create my character Carson Gordon’s Resume.

     After reading  Elaina’s  blog  I laughed pretty hard.  She states that her character is considered to be the Ron Weasley of the group.  The person who brings jokes and releases tension when shit is going down, but overall is just a sidekick. She also stated that her character she decided to create Winston Henerly is an aspiring actress from NYC who is living in L.A. I love how she painted the picture of her being an Emma Stone wannabe.

I really liked the character Alex Whitmore by Taylor Ostrom her character,  is one that would be a natural leader that we will need in order to survive. The survivors will definitely need a plan to survive long-term and it seems like Alex is up for it with her Badass ways.  With characters like Alex we shouldn’t have an issue with survival.

                                DS 106 Radio

I listened to two ds106Radio segments War of the Worlds and The Peoria Plague at  ds106radio.  The War of the Worlds kept my attention the whole time and I loved how they switched to different people/segments throughout the broadcast, their use of sounds and voices painted a picture I couldn’t actually see but I felt like I was right there.  The Peoria Plague for me was a little bit harder for me to follow possibly due to my internet going in and out or that the copy as Professor Burtis stated wasn’t as good of quality as the War of the Worlds.  The main thing I learned from The Peoria Plague is do not, I mean do not drink the “CAT WATER”.

Question of the week

How are you feeling? Be specific.

How am I feeling mhmmm. About the class or in general.  Well if we are talking about how I feel about the class I am enjoying it so far.  We have had a different genre each week, making us expand our horizons on what we are able to do.  Even though some things are easier than others, this class is giving me more tools to put into my toolbox.  If we are talking about in general.  I think I am starting to get the crud I feel that Professor Burtis passed it to me through my computer.  So specifics, I feel the mucous building up in my nose and slowly dripping down to my throat, I feel it building up in my throat needing to be released by a good cough or by spitting out a  loogie.  My eyes and throat are starting to get irritated and I’m feeling a tad bit warmer than usual, so once again I think it was transmitted through my computer.  Other than that I feel just peachie, not trying to let the crud get me down so that way I can fight these zombies head on.

Shut the Front Door, we Survived Week 4!!!!!


So I first want to say I survived another week of the Apocalypse and I hope all my other survivors did as well.  I will say this week has been the toughest yet for me.  Not because the material or visual assignments were hard, but I had to think and plan a bit more on how to get the perfect shot for certain aspects of the assignments.  I also had to manage my time a lot more this week than previous three weeks to try to get these shots.  When doing the Photoblitz I didn’t want to do it on UMW campus because I felt I wouldn’t have all the tools at my disposal to complete it in the allotted 20 minute time frame.   I was able to complete this with flying colors once I arrived home.  This week took a little extra time at least for me due to the creativity factor which I tried to nail this week more than the last few weeks.

My Four Daily Creates for this week

In this daily create we had to let others know how thankful we are for them, the people I am most thankful for are my two little ones.

During this hot pocket daily create I seen that everyone had quite creative hot pocket flavors.  After viewing all the different flavors on google I decided to choose what flavor I thought would be the nastiest to taste and hence I chose toenail mhmmmm good!!!

This daily create was about bones, so I thought why not break someones bones rather than their heart.  With only having one heart and 206 bones it seems like you would have more fun in the long run with breaking so many bones of others just sayin.

In this daily create we had to find a piece of graffiti that had DS106 on it, I just so happened to walk by a fresh piece of artwork someone had just tagged on a wall, while walking in downtown Fredericksburg.

Reflections and What I Learned in week 4 


So this week we had to watch a couple clips/movies La Jetee and I chose The Road.  I think the toughest part about this process was finding time to watch these films in between my kids commandeering the T.V. and them watching Power Rangers and Lab Rats on Netflix.  I had to wait until they went to bed to get a full grasp on these movies/clips.  La Jetee was different for me in that it was a movie of just pictures telling a story something I’m not used to. I figured the main character was going to survive but nope he didn’t which made me mad because I actually thought he would.  The Road surprisingly was a good movie about a father and a son, who have to fight off cannibals and others who were trying to stay alive as they were.

I ended up doing three Visual assignments to get my required 6 stars.  I choose Places Of Peace, my favorite photo and Before and After The End.   I quite the visual assignment2109 Places of Peace I decided to use zombie themed pictures to set up the background of what my new found friends and I like to do to be peaceful when we weren’t doing zombie things.

In the visual assignment “favorite photo” I chose a photo of myself and my family.  It was my favorite photo due to it being the first actual family photos we had gotten since my son was born.  These pictures were long over due and I just like the story it tells about my two kids.  One being the camera hog and the other being mad about her brother taking the last piece of candy.

The last Visual Assignment I chose was the Before and after the Apocalypse I originally made the juxtapose picture in word which took me longer than I wanted it to.  After talking to our teacher she pointed me to use the website she provided which actually made this juxtapose assignment go quite quickly. The top picture here is the picture I created in Microsoft word, while bottom is one created through the knightlab.


I made sure to comment on Cypherpunk106’s blog as I was quite impressed with their use of juxtapose on the Monticello building located on UMW campus.  They did a really good job of making the picture look eerie and apocalyptic. I also commented on Samara’s post as I was intrigued on how they interpreted the clip La Jetee and the movie The Road.  Their interpretation of The Road drove me to watch the movie one that I had never watched before.  I’m glad I read their post because this movie was definitely a good watch.


Tips I learned this week to become a better picture taker, are using contrast, using better perspective and use depth in taking photos.  I have done these kinda in my pictures but maybe not to the level I would like for my picture to pop.  I tried to use some of these tips and tricks in my pictures this week for this week’s photoblitz, but my techniques are still a big work in progress.  My photoblitz pictures can be seen at


Question of the week

Do you think an animated GIF can be considered a story? Why or why not? It would be great to include some examples to illustrate your thoughts.

I think a single GIF can be considered a story if presented right and in the right context.  But I think to better tell a story we should use multiple GIF’s to paint a picture to tell  that story.   GIF’s are very short fractions of photos or films.  So if you know the context of the photo or movie the GIF will make sense to the individual viewing the GIF.  Below I told a story of how the end is near and that you should save yourself and the bottom is me taking off trying to save myself.

This concludes my week four, I just hope I can survive week 5!!!!!


Week 3 I SURVIVED! Tupac, a kangaroo this WEEK was CRAZY!!!!

I will first off by saying I am still Alive!!!!!! I made it through week 3 successfully I hope all you did as well.  This week has been a busy one for me.  I had to try and be creative, an attribute I am not quite known for.  But on the other hand this has helped me to step outside of my uncreative box and comfort zone to produce these writing assingments we had to do this week.

     <————— me outside the box

I chose to make a list this week of all the tasks at hand, I gave myself a deadline to have each done.  So that I would atleast complete 1 to 2 tasks a day, so that I don’t find my self procrastinating and saving up all the work for the end of the week.  I have found that with some time management I have stayed ahead of the game for atleast this week.   I read my first short story Tupac Shakur and the End of the World, by Sandra McDonald.  A story about a woman named Susan who was trying to travel south and who wrote a book about Tupac,  Her and her friends were trying to avoid the “Creep” in short.  This lead me into  completing the alternate ending assingment by changing the end of Tupac Shakur and the End of the World, to  be more gangsta.

        I then moved on to attain my 6 stars through doing two different assignments in the assignment bank.  The first one I did was called “Short Story with random words and animal(s)” here I told a short story using 10 randomly generated words, in which I told a story about a zombie kangroo and a hunter.  In the end the Kangaroo bested the hunter who had shot at him earlier.  The 2nd assignment I completed was “Haiku It Up”  where I had to write a poem in three sentences using the rule 5-7-5.  Each number representing the number or syllables you must use per line.  I had to google what a haiku was because it had been so long since I had last wrote one.  I presume it was around 5th grade if I remember correctly.   Thanks to help from the other survivors I was able to be more creative with the Daily creates.  The other survivors through slack instructed me on how to manipulate my pictures, something I had not done before.

      I am glad that I was able to attain the 10 death dealing swords I had ordered from Amazon, prior to S-Hitting the fan.  They have all came in handy as you all would say.  I liked them so much that I left them a 5-star rating, I don’t think it matters at this time, as I am sure that the Amazon distribution center has been hit and ravaged by the other survivors or by the zombies looking for the survivors, so I’m sure no one will see it, but it’s there anyhow. 

I have chosen to read the story “World War Z”  I have yet to get it, but as of tomorrow you will be looking at a Fredericksburg Library card holder, and will be attaining this book through the library.  I look forward to reading it as I have heard multiple people say it is a good read.

After completing everything else I finished the 2nd short story There will come soft Rains by Ray Bradburyafter reading this short story I wrote my reflection post stating how I liked each book this wasn’t to hard to do as each book was pretty interesting in it’s own way.

After looking at others websites/blogs I am really amazed on how creative people are on their sites when embracing the apocalypse lifestyle.  One of the survivors sites I enjoyed was Elainas I really loved her use of all GIF’s to tell her Terms of Service assignment, and how she told a story about how the apolcalypse had affected her and her family.  I loved how she was creative and personal at the same time overall good job.  Another Survivor’s blog I read  was  by Elizabeth I was looking for another person who had read the short story about Tupac, to see how there alternate ending was different from mine.  Elizaeth did not dissapoint, I went the thug life way and she told a story of how the main character Susan was saved by water to drops to be exact, how Susan survived the creep and how she finished and started a new chapter in her journey to survive, I feel she really did a good job with her alternate ending.



Question of the WEEK!!!!!!!

In the event of an apocalypse, do you think you’d be the kind of person to hoard your supplies (for yourself and your loved ones) or would you share them with those around you in need? Why or why not?

It really all depends on the situation I guess.  I would prefer to hoard all my supplies for my wife and kids to ensure our survival.  But In the short/long run we will eventually run out of these supplies if we can’t find new supplies or if we don’t move quickly to find the already scarce supplies.  I feel like we would share these supplies with others only if they bring a trait to the table that will help us ensure our safety as well as theirs.  By sharing our supplies, others may share what they have with us, ensuring that we will all have a better chance of making longer during the apocalypse.  So like I said it all depends on the situation.



Turn me into a Zombie not my Family !!! I made it through week TWO!!

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, would you rather be turned into a zombie or have everyone you love turned into a zombie? Why?

I would say without a doubt turn me into a zombie.  I would say turn me into a zombie in hopes that my family could get away unscaved. That in my process of morphing into a zombie I could take out a few zombies to give my family a fighting chance.


I would definitely want to be a zombie due to the fact that if I was a zombie I would be so fit because I get to run everywhere, I get to eat meat on the reg, and I have no adult responsibilites such as paying bills or looking after others.  With only being in Virginia for a little over year, becoming a zombie would help with my networking skills hanging out with those that have similiar interests as me such has long distance hikes and eating humans.  So where is this sign up sheet to become a zombie I’ll sign up today.


This week in a Nutshell

           So this week was a lot of setting time aside to tackle each assignment.  I’ve noticed so far that good time management has been the key to success.  After watching the 5 part series End Day I have realized that I would be totally screwed if any of the 5 events would happen today.  Even though the video was fake its not far off if you actually think about, maybe I should think about things I have never thought of before to better save my family.  I haven’t wrote or told a story for a very long time, so I will say that this had taken me a little longer than I expected it to, to gather my thoughts and ideas and finally jot them down.   Over the past few days I tried to switch the appearance of my word press site to make it more appealing to the eye.  I am still working my way around the site trying to customize little details.  Shout out to @Jenn for helping in the Tech section of Slack on how to insert GIF’s into my postings.

I have not watched a whole lot of zombie films or shows, but I have found this to be a genre that has endless amounts of information out there.  Even though its not a genre that I have followed before, I am glad to be on this journey trying to survive the apocalypse with all you DS 106 individuals.  I am looking forward to the small group projects or the entire class porject and see what we can all bring to the table. We have had made it this far and we must all join together to make it to #TheEnd.