You get A daily create, You get a daily create.

My First Daily Create

My first daily create, that I shared with the class is I wanted the DS106 class to create or use a pre-existing GIF to describe their experience within the DS 106 class.  I chose this GIF to use as my example, because through out this DS 106 we have had to think outside the box and have had to be creative in our end products that we produce.

My Second Daily Create I Made

What is the animal saying if they could talk??  I’ve wondered what our pets or animals are actually saying to us when they bark or meow.  I decided to make this a daily create because I am curious to see what others think their pet/animal is actually saying.



I Would Walk 500 Miles!!!

I did the 3 star assignment Where do your shoes take you in a day?  In this assignment you had to tell a story using a video of only your shoes!  Well I guess i misread the instructions because I definitely didn’y have socks on for part of the video, other parts of the clip I was wearing my socks.  But regardless I showed a video of where my feet took me that day.  Initially I was at home home here in Fredericksburg.  I then traveled to Fort Lee hence the video of my feet driving.  I then arrived at a baby shower hence me actually wearing dressy clothes.  Lastly after a long day which felt like 500 miles of walking I relaxed at my sisters at Fort Lee.  Here is my video below:



Did Someone Say Spaceship: Watch a movie make a movie

Assignment: Watch a Movie/Make a Movie


I chose the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” as my second movie that I watched.  As I have never seen this movie before I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happened.  The copy that I was able to attain was through YouTube.  Due to copyright infringements I think the people that had posted this movie had distorted it a bit as to not infringe upon these copyright laws.  Other than the movie being a little off center and there being what looked like small boxes on the screen the movie was pretty good.  This movie was created back in 1951 but some of the techniques they used to film this, were ahead of their time.

After watching this movie I see that nothing has changed.  Shoot first, ask questions later.  The townspeople had shot the alien from a distant planet before he could get out what he wanted to say, typical Americans.  These aliens from far away had learned English from the radio broadcasts from the United Nations, I’m sure that you can’t do this anymore with strict laws that are out there.  I was ever so glad when the man/alien had escaped.  And that he offered the kid some fine ass diamonds for $2.00, where do I get a hook up like this?  Just like in the movie the world super powers are making atomic bombs threatening to use them against each other.  Like I said this movie was made in 1951, yet these same topics are still relevant today, nations at odds with each other.  It took someone such as this alien to make the world see that their hatred for one another would only lead to disaster.  Overall a good movie.

I did the “Supercut It” assignment to go with the movie,  I ended up using the word “ship or spaceship” because I felt it was the most used word within the whole movie.  I felt that we could not forget the real question.  Why was the spaceship here?   I ended up using the 4k Downloader to intially get the movie and edited through the program Open Shot, as this was my 3rd or 4th video edited, I was able to move through the process quite quickly.  Here is my clip below:

5 Q’s & 5 A’s with the Great Vanessa!!!

Assignment: 10 Apocalyptic Questions

I chose the 5 questions I felt I could best answer out of the ten that Vanessa provided.  I used the program OpenShot to splice and dice and input my videos in where they needed to be.  I think I was making this a little harder than it should have been at the beginning.  I was not only writing down a small script to keep my thoughts together but I was also writing down the stop and start times of each question and the times throughout the video that I wanted to eventually cut.  This process took a little longer than I had expected but once I got the ball rolling it was on downhill from there. Here is my Q & A session with Vanessa I hope you enjoy:


Here was a little of the editing I did to come up with my end product:


Count to Ten and do it All Over Again!!!!!!

This week was probably one of the hardest weeks yet for me.  I won’t say it’s hard due to the work load, but last Thursday a good family friend had passed away.  Due to this family friend being so close to our family it was only right for me to get in my car and drive the 9 hrs 30 minutes to Indiana for the viewing/funeral this past weekend.  Due to the driving and due to the chaos that took place because of said situation I was unable to get anything done nor find anytime to do this weeks workload in peace in quiet.  Plus it is kind of hard to edit videos and watch clips when your going 70 mph down the Interstate.  So here I am on Monday catching up on all the work after a very long weekend.  I would say that I didn’t get to dive in and be creative as I normally am due to my time constraints over this past weekends events.  I feel that my work is ok but I felt that it was a little rushed to ensure that it was all done.  I look forward to next weeks video assignments so that way I can hopefully dive in a little deeper and make slightly better products than I did this week.  Here are the things I had created below:


I decided to do th the daily create Fantasy Plants.   My fantasy plant is a flying Hibiscus flower that flies to the bees and then eats the bees after being pollinated.  It’s a roughly life for a bee I must say.

What can I say I love to travel to the busy streets of New York.  I love how the buildings all have a story to tell, with the wind blowing off of them.

My Media Assignments

I decided to do the college collage assignment.  I decided to do this assignment as my college experiences haven’t been the same as your typical college student in the past few years.  In my slide show I incorporated my family in most of my pictures because they have been the driving force to get me to the end.  While I have been attending UMW over the past year and half almost two years, I have got out of the Army, had a son, and been able to expand my family here in Virginia.  The pictures in my end product seemed to flip when I uploaded it through YouTube, but I left them this way because it is different and shows character.

I chose to do this media assignment to show the background story of Mufasa and how he came to be the protective wolf that Carson Gordon had rescued.  This clip shows Mufasa’s transformation from a pup to an adult, I really loved the sound clip I found for Mufasa’s photo opp, I hope you do as well.

Reading Movies Blog Post


Here is the clip for my video essay for the movie “The night of the walking Dead”, I tried to point out some of the tips that I had read in Ebert’s article about how to read a movie.  I had never seen this movie up until this point and I quite enjoyed it.  I highly recommend it!!
What question would you like to ask the class?
One how was your week, and what programs other than the ones stated in the resources page did you guys use to construct your videos.

Mufasa’s Transformation from a Pup to an Adult

I chose this 3 star assignment to show the transformation of the character Mufasa from the radio show Apocalyptic Airwave.  We didn’t really know much about Mufasa other than Carson had saved him from certain death and nursed him back  to health.  Here is a little clip of Mufasa as a small pup to becoming the threat he is today.   Hope you enjoy it’s better with the Volume up FYI.

Washing Dishes a 2 min+ Silent Documentary

I did this 4 star “How to”  Documentary.  I did this assignment because I figured it would be neat to record something but not use any sound.  I was going to do a documentary over how to cook food, but I had already started beef and noodles in the crock pot earlier in the day.  So a  2 min plus documentary over cooking was out of the picture.  Well guess what after you get done cooking there is always dishes go figure right.  So I decided to do my documentary over me washing dishes.  I made sure to blast out all the steps at the end of my video just in case someone didn’t know how to wash a dish or 5.

My College Photo Collage

So I decided to do this two star assignment to share my journey through college.  Over the past 2 years at UMW we have had our son, served in the Army, have gotten out of the Army and have become civilians.  And now that I am finally out of the Army I can finally devoted more time to my studies than what I was able to do while I was in.  I did this video in the Open Shot program, for some reason after I uploaded my video a few of the pictures had flipped.  Instead of going back and fixing it I went ahead and left them that way giving them a different transitional effect.  If you can’t tell over the past 2 years my family and kids have meant the most to me as you can see in my collage.

How to better Watch movies by knowing the Details.

How to Read A movie well what I learned from reding this article:

I read the article by Robert Ebert: How to Read a Movie.  I never knew the details of how a movie is put together or how it was shot.  After reading this article my eyes are opened to some of the techniques that are used.  When we see a character on the right side of an individual they seem to be portrayed in a more dominant stance than that of the character on the left side.  When we look at the movement of characters in a scene Ebert states that when characters are moving to the right this is scene as being positive, but moving to the left is seen as negative. A point of view above a character’s eye line reduces him; below the eye line, enhances him. Extreme high angle shots make characters into pawns; low angles make them into gods. Brighter areas tend to be dominant over darker areas.  I never knew that this much attention to detail goes into formulating the perfect shot in a movie or show.  After reading this article I know have a better understanding of what all goes into getting that perfect shot, and how to set a scene.  I am no expert on this topic by any means now, but I can now watch a movie or show with open eyes and use some of these ideas to pick a part different scenes.

I ending up watching four videos about four different aspects of how films are shot.  The four aspects I decided to watch are located below.

Match Cut

Tarantino from Below

The Shining – Zooms

Kubrick // One-Point Perspective

The First Video I watched was over the perspective “match cut”, I see this in movies all the time but never knew this was what it was called.  In this perspective a certain object or person in a movie is seen one way and then instantly seen another way.  I love Forest Gump I seen after the fact that match cuts were used quite frequently to flashback instantly from Old Gump to Young Gump.  I have watched Grease as well but never knew this flash of a scene was considered a Match Cut.

The second perspective I watched was the Tarantino scenes from below perspective.  I guess after looking at this perspective, I have watched more Tarantino movies that I thought I have.  When they are filming these scenes from below I imagine a person laying on their back on like a skateboard or something rolling with a walking individual.  This view from below I feel gives an intimidation factor, makes the character/characters seem more important.

The third perspective I watched was zooms, I see this in movies all the time, but didn’t realize that zooms were used as frequently as I had thought.  By zooming in it brings the main focus of a certain character into focus.  It brings all the attention to that person or scenario showing it’s importance within that scene.

The last perspective I learned about/ watched was one-shot perspectives in Stanley Kubrick’s films.  I don’t know what it is about the two little girls at the end of the hall, but NO THANK YOU!!!.  I love how the attention to detail to a focal point in a scene draws the viewer in.

My Video Essay

So the video I decided to do my video essay over was the movie Night of the Living Dead.  I tried to incorporate some of Ebert’s critiques of different techniques used within the clip to describe what was going on.  Here is my video essay located below:





Nothing was more Divine than WEEK 9!!!

This week was the unveiling of our radio shows, a few daily creates, and reflections of how we did our book covers differently.  I was ever so glad to show the DS106 class our finally project that my group had created.  The stress of completing this project was a little daunting at first, but after the radio show aired we were quite relieved that everyone loved our show.  I stretched out my work this week to give myself something to do everyday to get me to this point.  I enjoyed the last few weeks as it let me work with a group of individuals I had never seen or worked with before, and I got to work on something I wasn’t entirely happy with before.  I will say these last couple of weeks have been busy even though the workload may not of been as heavy as previous weeks.  Here is my Week 9 summary of all the stuff I did this week down below.

So I found two songs that I thought sounded a lot a like at the beginning of each song Britney Spears Unusual You vs Charli XCX Break The Rules in this daily create you had to find two songs or more that all sound or start off the same.  Here is my mash-up of the two songs I chose here:


My Daily Create from 3/21/2018, This is Carson’s post Apocalypse Checklist.  He likes to nap a lot after all the zombies he had killed during the apocalypse, that and he is mostly drunk so naps seem like the most logical thing to do.

I decided to do the Daily Create on 3-23-2018, I was a day late doing it due to not being home, but I definitely had to weigh in on who rules dogs or cats.  Hands down I will say dogs.  They can be used as service dogs as shown in my photos, are great protectors and if you are longing for a cat they can fill this void as well by sprawling over you with their big bodies.  Now I’m not saying cats don’t help individuals in need as well, but you almost need to be at home to get this comfort from a cat, a dog you can take with you most anywhere.

Radio Show Reflection

I will definitely say that the past few weeks have been exciting being able to work with my group Apocalyptic Airwave.  I feel that 5 complete strangers did make it through the Apocalypse, with the help of each other.  Not only did they help each other during the Apocalypse but these five individuals put together a pretty good show if I say so myself.  It was slow-moving at first….thanks SPRING BREAK…..but once we got our heads together and came up with great ideas we put together these ideas and formulated our show.  We only met a couple of times, but each time was very productive and well worth the time spent bouncing ideas of each other.  I was happy with our overall end product from 5 individuals who had little to know experience in making a radio show.  I enjoyed seeing all the different directions each group had went in comparison to ours.  I had listened to DS106Radio a couple of nights and was quite pleased with all the hard work each group had put into their final products.

World War Z Revision

I decided to revise my book cover by making my book cover an interactive one.  I use GIF’s all the time but I have never made one, so I decided for this new revision of my book cover I would bring the book cover to life, not only using a GIPHY for the background picture, but also a GIPHY for the Text.  Here is my revised work below.  I know you can’t really put this on a hard back book, but maybe this could be used on the digital version of the book.

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


I tried to comment a lot this week, I know over Spring break I didn’t comment as much as I had before.   But this week I went through slack started from the bottom of the blog posts and worked my way up trying to comment on quite a few posts.  The posts that I commented on were mostly about our classes radio shows, it was fun to see the direction that everyone had went in the production of their shows. I’m not sure how many comments I threw out there but I know it was way more than the previous week while we were on spring break.



What’s one thing you definitely couldn’t live without during the apocalypse? How would you go about obtaining it?

Oreo’s……. I could not live without Oreo’s.



Well I know this would be hard to find but I would give all my money if it even had value during the apocalypse to get me a bag or square package whatever you call it.  If money wouldn’t get me these I would definitely trade my most prized procession that I had at the current time.