One Step Closer to Solving the Evidence Crisis

I wanted to build off the evidence that cypherpunk106 and katie temple had found about Millard Rausch a.k.a Jim Groom.  After exploring Jim Groom’s Social Media account Twitter.  It looks to be that Jim Groom has escaped a mental asylum and is now using Reclaim Hosting as a front to infect those who do not heed his directions.

I find it ironic that a day or two after his meeting with our beloved Martha Burtis, her hat comes up missing and she miraculously becomes sick.  With today’s modern medicine and healthcare how does one stay sick going on roughly 6 weeks now, unless their DNA is being manipulated by an individual such as Millard Rausch a.k.a Jim Groom.  I feel that Martha Burtis’s hat is being held by Jim Groom until we as a group cease and desist our class functions.  After re-reading the CDE memo I feel that Martha is infected with this virus.

I feel that Martha has exhibit 4 out of these 5 symptoms.  Symptom #1 she is becoming more and more transparent. Symptom #2 she states she sees things in the room with her during her videos I think these are observances only visible to her. Symptom #3  Cravings for non-nutritional comestibles such as the liquid beverage when she was in secret bunker #2.  Symptom #5 activation of previously undetected AI, her voice changes on a whim at times I think this is part of the infection taking over her body.


Symptom #1 Sudden Onset of anatomical anomalies

Symptom # 3 Cravings for non-nutritional comestibles


Symptom #5 Neural Transformations

Is it a coincidence that Martha’s hat is missing or that she has been sick for so long, I think not. Now that we have uncovered Millard Rausch’s true Identity I hope that we as a group, can combine our evidence to get to the bottom of this mystery and return the hat to it’s rightful owner Martha.

Christina Eliopolis’s Bucket List


That Bucket List Though (2 STARS): Create a bucket list for at least one character from your novel.

Pre-war, Christina Eliopolis was an FA-22 Raptor pilot, one of the most advance pieces of tech ever to tickle the clouds. And when fighting zombies, it amounted to little more than buyer’s remorse.  Eliopolis’s main mission went from winning wars to airborne resupply.  The Air Force with the help of Christina Elipoilis dropped in supplies, so they could keep on keeping on. Success meant dropping in anything from medicine, food, resources, machines, and sometimes even people.  While in the bathroom—portable chempot truth be told— she felt a jolt as if God’s boot just kicked the back of their plane off. The air pressure sucked Eliopolis out the back. She pulled her chute and noticed another chute made it out in time. She tried the radio but got nothing. That was the worst of it for her, just hanging in the air, helpless and useless. Thankfully, the Air Force had given her some training for this type of situation at the Willow Creek Escape and Evade program. Also, Eliopolis was more than use to occupying hostile territory. This was a little excerpt from the Book World War Z setting the scene for what was taking place.

  1. Find out what brought down the plane.
  2. Finding out if “Mets” was a figment of her imagination.
  3. If not an imagination, Christina Eliopolis wants to know where she can find “Mets” so she can thank her, for helping her get to safety.
  4. Find the reminents of her downed plane
  5. Become a skywatcher, to help others, like she was helped that day.

The Tips and Tricks of the PhotoTrade…..Plus some creepy buildings!!!!!!!

Assignment: Thinking about Photos

     I have taken a lot of pictures over time mostly with my phone, and I usually just shoot to capture the moment, not to be a full on photographer.  After reading some of the tips, I learned that I could better my pictures with a few easy things I never have used.  A technique that  I want to start incorporating into my pictures is the use of creating depth.  I feel this makes the subject or thing in the picture pop.  Most of the pictures I take are of my kids, capturing there moments from babies until now.  Using the creating depth tip I can make the pictures of my kids stand out more since they are the ones I’m worried about capturing.  Another tip I want to start incorporating into my pictures is perspective.  I learned that if you give a picture a different perspective or view point that it can tell a story or enhance the story you are already trying to convey.  Looking into the light is a tip I have not really used, if anything I have always tried to stay away from it due to I think it being to bright and messing u my pictures, but if done right you can make an amazing looking picture.  I will definitely try to incorporate a sunset or two into my pictures in the near future, using these shadows and colors to paint a beautiful picture.

When looking at tips I also looked at the website at the bottom of the tips and tricks page.   The one I choose is the tips for I-Phone photography even though I currently have a Samsung S8. I have not converted to the dark side yet. I inserted the website to help other who may have an I-phone or a phone that is comparable.  The tip I took away to start with from this website is to keep compositions simple, well at first.  By keeping a pattern or positioning things within your picture with simplicity you can set a mood or tone to convey to your viewer.  By keeping it simple you are bringing your viewers eyes to the composition you want them to focus on not get confused by what they are looking at.  I have not done this my pictures, my pictures are usually a hot mess with no simplicity.  My pictures are random and do not quite show the story I’m trying to get across.  This is a good starting point for me to help tell my future stories through my Samsung S8′


 Abandoned America

Upon looking at the gallery “new additions” on Abandoned America I got the feeling or errieness and desolation.  The tip I see used quite frequently in this gallery is the use of contrast.  In most of the pictures I see the front object, or the object the photographer is trying to highlight in a brighter color by making the background information look more dull.  Through each of these photos you see huge industrial machines and buildings that were once bustling and booming.  To look at pictures prior to abondoment you would of seen people, movement, camaraderie, a sense of well-being.  The pictures now show that something happened gears and levers are stopped frozen in time.  I think it’s kind of sad to think what led to the demise or shut down of these buildings and structures.

Using contrast on industrial                 equipment to signal its importance

When I think of zombies and the apocalypse I think of buildings like these.  Most movies we see about the apocalypse paint a picture similiar to the ones we see in this gallery, trying to show that there is little to no movement from people. That mother nature is taking these structures back.  I feel that during the apocalypse these locations would be ideal to hold, as they are big and good for hiding and storing rations.  I feel that you can use these locations as strong holds, and could use materials to make weapons or tools that could be used to trade or barter with later.

Possible place to use a strong hold



I started my photoblitz at 4:20 pm and ended well within time at 4:33.  I new that this assignment would take some time to do as you need to be quick and creative with your pictures.  I waited until I got home as I knew that I would have more material to work with, compared to being on campus at UMW.  By being at home I was able to meet the time hack and could quickly set up my props as need.  My photos for this assignment are located at my instragram attached to the link.

The list of items I chose for this assignment due to the items that were accessible within my house. I also used this picture to convey what time I started this assignment.


I took a picture of my hand multiple times and this is the best I could, I tried to take up the whole picture to show detail with the hands, trying to capture each line, each callus.
After looking for a top or something that spins amongst all my childrens toys and coming up empty handed. I came across a ball in the corner of their toy room and decided to try and capture the lines of movement while spinning the ball. To my amazement I was able to capture the movement of this ball showing the different movements the lines on the ball were making.
I chose the number 2 as my favorite number. The number 2 signifys the two wonderful children that we have that I greatly adore. And of course it was on a Destiny 2 case of all places.
I will say this is by far my most valued tool. This was the first tool I was given. This hammer was given to me by my late grandpa before he had past.
I pondered on what I could create to show veritical lines, I felt that with the setting of the sun and how the trees looked. It only felt right to convey the vertical lines by using perspective a tip we had learned.
I chose this rock as my picture to show detail in an ordinary item. I was most proud of this picture due to showing the fine details of the rock, but also the use of contrast and perspective two tips I had learned this week to incorporate into my picture.
Door knobs have character and so does this one. This door handle was the VERY first thing I replaced in our new home. Upon getting the keys to the house we changed out the locks. It was a proud moment for us in buying a house, and for me in that the door handle actually works. Plus its the fanciest door handle in our house so why not.
This picture doesn’t really tell a story, but I wanted to signify the time I ended at 4:33 p.m. plus I wanted to try and show perspective, but I feel I still need a lot of work on this newly learned tip.


Reflection of this assignment

Overall I liked this assignment PhotoBlitz.  The hardest thing to do for it though was to devote a block of time and make sure you had mostly everything you needed to complete the assignment.  In regards to the Abandon America, and tips for better picture taking.  I think looking at these pictures and tips will only help us get a better grasp of how to make our picture assignments better in the future and also in our daily lives.

The Zombified Kangaroo and the Fathead

I am doing this three star assignment a  Short Story telling a story with 10 random words. This assignment is called “Short Story With Random Words And Animal(S)“. You must go to this website to have 10 different words chosen at random, you must then choose an animal and use these 10 words to tell the animals story.  Here is my story:



The Zombified Kangaroo and the Fathead

The Kangaroo now a zombie hopped around like a zombie slow moving looking for the hunter. 

The hunter had a huge fathead.

The kangaroo knew it was this hunter by the muzzle loader in his hand.

The hunter had his gun harnessed and ready to shoot.

Due to the zombie problem gun carrying at all times was allowed in every state.

The Kangaroo was considered a brawler. 

The Kangaroo was bitter after being shot at earlier.

The hunter and the Kangaroo start throwing punches the hunter blocked.


The Kangaroo cradled the hunter down to the ground and nawed on his shooting arm.

The hunter started to get sick, his sickness started as a bellyache.

The Kangaroo had finally got his revenge and had turned the hunter into a zombie.

The End!!!



My Ten random words

brawler fathead bittersweet   bellyache block cradled hunter state 

harness bitter muzzle

They Day I Almost Turned

I did this three star assingment by using a poem to paint a picture of zombies coming to attack my home, at which point I ran underground to escape them. I choose this picture because it was showing the zombie finally breaking through but I was nowhere to be found.


Bang Bang on the Door

All Zombies are wanting gore

I ran underground

Slayin and Filleting – My Product Review of My Death Dealin Sword

Once I found out that the zombie apocalypse was inevitable, I used my Amazon Prime Student account with two day shipping to have these Bio-Terror Zombie Apocalypse Massacre Death Swords delievered before we got attacked.  These Death dealing swords have come in handy when ammunition is hard to come by.

Good thing I put in my order when I did as I think the Amazon fulllfillment center has now been ransacked by zombies and other survivors. You can read my review below:




Alternate ending “Tupac Shakur and the End of the World”

And now I’m here with you, Pac. I wrote about it but didn’t remember the name.  The Tupac Shakur Foundation headquarters in Stone Mountain, replete with an arts center and a peace garden.  It’s pretty far from where you died and not at all where I wanted to end up, but here in post-apocalypse world we take what we can get. Jack has put me here in the shade by your bronze statue. He’s sitting right beside me, crying.

Here’s the truth:  I don’t like hip hop. Never did. I don’t even like you. The Malcolm X stuff, the partying and guns, the charges of sexual assault – there’s not a lot we have in common. But your book paid the rent for a few months in Brooklyn. I sent a copy of it to Marie for Christmas, just as a joke, since she hates your music. She sent it back. Inside the cover she wrote, “I don’t want this in the same house as my daughter,” and I got so mad I didn’t call her until the Creep started. The phone rang and rang, but no one answered.

Life is short, Pac. I should have known that. Should have learned that from you.

“Susan,” Jumping Jack says now, his voice soft.  His eyes are still watery but his face is calm as he raises the pistol. “I guess I have to do this now.”

Just then, a white government van whips into the driveway and stops with a squeal of brakes. Men in hazmat suits jump out. Rescuers!   Their leader looks just like Ed Harris. He is talking quickly, words that I barely catch – you got her here just in time, we’ll help you, we have a cure – and then I’m in a military infirmary, voices and blurred images swirling around me, the heart monitor beeping like a hip-hop song, and then one of the white-garbed doctors turns out to be Marie, with Mike and happy baby Monica at her side, and we laugh and laugh at our good fortune while mourning the rest of the world, and then Jack fires his gun, and the screen goes dark.


Alternate Ending to Story!!!

And now I’m here with you, Pac. I wrote about it but didn’t remember the name.  The Tupac Shakur Foundation headquarters in Stone Mountain, replete with an arts center and a peace garden.  It’s pretty far from where you died  but it was a place you would lay your head down when you weren’t partying your heart out in HOT-lanta.  This is where I wanted to end up.  After writing about you Pac, in my book it is only fitting that we cross paths again. Jack has leaned me up next to your Bronze staute in a gangsta lean pose, so that as my body cements up I will be statuesque I will be immortalized in this position as you were.  Jack was somehow able to get cell service enough to play a Tupac song which was fitting for the situation “Keep Ya Head Up”, knowing damn well the creep was taking over and this was practically impossible to do.

Here’s the truth:  I love hip hop.   I fell in love with it while writing my book.  The thug life chose me, I didn’t chose it.  The partying and guns, the sexcapades the constant beef with other rappers.  This was a life of excitement and uncertaintity a life worth living.  Living for the moment. My life, prior to my book was nowhere near this fun or exciting until you came into my life Pac.  With my book sales I was able to move out of my cramped Brooklyn apartment into a condo in the nicer part of the city.  At this point I was closer to the thug life I greatly desired.  I sent a copy of my successful book to my sister Marie, who fell in love with it instantly.  Marie was a die hard country fan and with my book I converted her to the thug life as well.  She read my book to my niece, and would always listen to “Brenda’s Got a Baby” but would insert her name in there instead.  I called Marie prior to leaving due to the creep and we were scheduled to meet once I was able to arrive with my Posse who were traveling with me.

Life is short, Pac. I should have known that. Should have learned that from you, after watching your music video “California Love”.

“Susan,” Jumping Jack says now, in a loud demanding voice, as the plane was flying back over our location, signalling a white van to where we were located.  Jack had said a prayer followed my many Hail Marys, I could only think of the song Pac sang as he was doing this.  His prayers must have been answered the white vans with Hazmat crews showed up to save us.  The had a cure in hand and innoculated me with a small dose, until I could arrive at their lab.  I started to get some movement in my extremities and I felt less like a statue at this point, my speech was still slurred but like Pac once said “FREAK THE POLICE” I was thinking FREAK THE CREEP, in nicer cleaner words.  All I could think of is how I almost died and made it to the Thug Mansion like Pac sung about.  I was ever so glad that the vans had showed up when they had or Jumping Jack might of pulled the trigger ending my thuggish days “Life Goes On” Pac, life goes on.  The Creep will not slow me down from rollin like a thug.

After many weeks in the military infirmary I was finally reunited with Marie and my niece who had luckily made it out alive.



The Kid Who almost got left in Texarkana.

Once upon a time there was a family who lived in Texas.  A mom and her 4 kids ranging from the ages 8-4.  The mom met a country boy, a tobacco spittin, bull ridin cowboy who wore wranglers and cowboy boots for every occassion.  She was in Texas so why not.  The mom of four and the cowboy dated for roughly a year until they decided to move to Indiana where the cowboy was originally from.  The mom and the four children knew nothing about Indiana because they had never been outside of the great state of Texas.  The brother and friends of the cowboy travelled all the way down from Indiana to help the family pack their small cramped apartment.  The brother who was also a tobacco spittin, bull riding, wrangler wearing cowboy drove his Chevy Dually a vehicle fitting for this cowboy.  The brother drove down with a trailer attached to the dually to pack the mom and her kids belongings and of course his brothers stuff into the trailer, even though this was the 90’s truck rentals were still expensive especially for the distance that was going to be covered.

Between the Mom, the boyfriend, the friends and the brother there were 3 vehicles used to pack up the families belongings.  The family was embarking on a new venture, starting a new chapter in their lives. Moving away from everything they had ever known.  So the families initial starting point was from Alvin, Texas a small town outside of Houston, known for greatest pitcher that ever existed Nolan Ryan.  That last fact is beside the point.

So the family left Alvin, Texas in the wee hours of the morning. The family and friends drove and drove and drove, for those who ever drove through Texas this is not an easy feet as it is a huge state to get through.  The kids consisted of two boys and two girls.   The two girls rode with the mom in her Toyota Corrola which the back seat was decked out with pillows and blankets to help the two girls to be comfortable on the long journey,  the kids layed in the back probably not wearing seatbelts as laws were not a strict as they are today, but this is besides the point.  The two boys rode with the boyfriend in his Chevy Silverado on a solid one seat bucket seat.  The brother of the boyfriend and the two friends rode in the dually pulling the trailer.  The family, friends and brother were trekking along until the brothers transmission or water pump had went out right outside the city Texarkana.  For those who do not know Texarkana is a small city that is half in Texas and half in Arkansas.

Even though this was not the most ideal time for this to happen, it happened.  For the mom this stop was almost needed as the oldest of the two girls had gotten sick roughly an hour before the transmission went out, vomiting all over that nice layed out blanket bed laid out in the back of the Corolla.  In a time where cell phones were pretty not existent the mom could not communicate what had happened in the back seat.  The brother with the dually had the truck towed to a shop to get his truck fixed and everyone jumped in the remaining two vehicles to go to a local laundry mat to clean the nasty blankets.  The four kids found two kids to play with while at the laundry mat to help pass the time. The laundry was finally finished and it was time to leave. It had already been a long day and everyone was starving as it was around dinner time.

Everyone gets into the two vehicles which was now a tight fit, the boys rode with the boys and the girls rode with the girls.  The two vehicles travelled roughly 5-7 miles up the road to find somewhere to eat that could accommodate all the people.  As the two vehicles arrived at a restruant the mom of the kids asked where the eldest son who was 8 was at.  The Boys asked the same question to the mom expecting this to be a joke.  Each car thought the boy had rode with the other car.  Both cars had come to the realization that the boy had not rode with either car.

The 8 year old sat at the laundry mat not knowing where is family had went as he had noticed that neither of the two cars were present. He had somehow gotten left behind and was overlooked when the others embarked from the laundry mat.  The eight year old did not know what to do, nor did he know which direction the vehicles had went.  He waited and waited and as he was about to walk in a direction which was not the right chose his family showed up frantic of the events that had just transpired.

This is the story of how I almost got left in Texas in 1991, luckily my family was hungry and only went a few miles up the road.