A crazy Radio night, Girls Guide and The Eagle Report aka (Joey Buckets)!!!!


So I decided to be wild tonight and I stayed up for not just one, but two radio broadcasts on ds106Radio, look at me go!!!! Here are my reflections for “Girls Guide to/for/through the Apocalypse” and “The Eagle Report” stated below:

“Girl’s Guide to/for/through the Apocalypse”

I really enjoyed the format of the whole show.  I like how they broke down places to eat, since Mickey D’s and Chick Fil A won’t be open.  The way they did a question and answer segment on Midwives Advice with their listeners was really creative.  When doing the radio show I wouldn’t of thought to do something like this I felt that they knocked this out of the park.  I missed about 5-10 minutes of the radio show due to putting my kids to sleep.  What I did hear was very upbeat and a good show all around.  The editing of background sounds, transitions and music choice made this show well worth the listen.


The Eagle Report

I liked their reporting style, and how they transitioned to different reporters throughout the radio show.  I feel that there was a strong undertone for chicken references such as Joey Buckets, and Young Gravy the show was good about informing me about %@#@!nucleitide how ever you spell it, but more than anything it made me hungry with all their KFC names for their characters.  Note to self eat before listening to radio broadcasts.  I like how they used actual commercials we hear from day to day on their radio show.  Even though the apocalypse is happening, this doesn’t mean you are allowed to have dandriff in your hair, get yourself some Head and Shoulders.  Overall I feel this group did a good job with their editing and transitioning from one reporter to the next.

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  1. I loved both of these shows, but I’m not so sure that I would listen to Girl’s Guide’s advice about eating bark and insects! Surely there must be some other food source out there that is actually food. I struggled to stay awake during The Eagle Report’s broadcast (just because it was late), but the parts I paid attention to were amazing! They did a great job of including the emerging evidence in their show.

  2. I’m so happy you liked our radio show! We worked very hard on it, and I’m sad I couldn’t listen to it myself. I’m in tech week for a show that opens tomorrow, so I’m sadly busy every evening. The Midwives’ advice was my idea and a great thing to have been a part of. 🙂

    1. Well I am definitely not a Midwive for sure but I guess I can use some of your tips. Well you definitely had a great idea it was very creative.

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