Apocalpyse Stater Kit and Reading Reflection……..The End Is inevitable……….. how do you want to go OUT!!!!!!

Apocalpyse Stater Kit and Reading Reflection

     After watching the 5 part series End Game, I have come to the conclusion I am not prepared at all for any of the 5 situations presented in the clip.  I feel that all 5 of the scenerios can happen today or tomorrow, a month or years from now.  We have gone many years, thousands and thousands of years without getting hit with the big natural disaster that wipes out countries or continents.  We have had storms  such as floods within the past few years, bad tsunamis in asian countries. We may not be making black holes or we might be I don’t know, but with iminent threats of nucleur war, I feel we have the threat of wiping the existence of cultures off the face of the map.  There is always a threat of these events happening, its just a matter of when and how prepared we are.  As a veteran who was tested on preparedness especially being in Korea for a year near the North Korean border even then we were not 100% prepared for every threat and this was our job.  For the general public myself included I feel we are no where near prepared for these events, there would be mass chaos and pandamonium and we are not ready at all.   I usually listen to the news everyday which might work to my families benefit, with knowledge of danger in the near future I could hope to get my family furthest away from a certain impact area.  My family and I might not survive but we would have a better chance of surviving than those who do not hede the warnings.  Warning or false alarm you have to take each one of these threats seriously if you want to live.  Honestly I feel like each one of the scenerios is threatening because we have seen each of these things happen with exception of the black hole.  Each of these things has happened on a small scale but not to the extent we seen in these 5 clips.


What did you learn about apoc/post-apoc science fiction in the Routledge article that you didn’t already know?

After watching movies and reading certain books overtime its always the same background ideas that humans protect their own, by hiding in camps. That darwinism takes place that only the strong will survive.   That mother nature takes over what we have left behind and that martians take over the world killing or enslaving all humans.  What I learned was that throughout the 60’s/70’s women authors of science fiction were actually pretty aparanent or popular in this time when mostly men were leading in this genre due to the era.  I learned that the feminist movement during this time heavily influenced how these science fiction books were written.  No knowing the era or the authors this may have been something you would not of known by reading these SF books by these female authors.

What are your initial reactions to the novel excerpt you read? Is this a book you would continue to read? Why or why not?

The book excerpt I read was from the book World War Z,  as I know there is a movie out about this I have suprisingly never watched it.  After reading the excerpt I feel that I do want to read more of what happened to the village and those who were also infected stemming from patient zero. I find th is book interesting in showing how these plagues or diseases start.

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  1. World War Z is awesome. If you can get your hands on the audiobook version of it, I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s the greatest audio book production I’ve ever listened to. I’ll be particularly interested in your thoughts on it because a lot of the novel deals with deconstructing the military’s response to the zombie apocalypse. It’s fascinating.

    1. I guess now that you mention it, towards the end of the blurb it did start to go into the military aspect of it. I am glad that you had mentioned that as it will allow me not to just focus on how the infection started but to take into effect the military’s role played into the story. I look forward to reading this. Any suggestions on where to get a paper copy of this book. If I recall right you can get the audible version for free?? through the amazon website you had posted online.

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