Apocalyptic Airwave-A Story about Five Strangers and a dog!!!

So this week my team “Apocalyptic Airwave” have collaborated through slack to come up with a good plot to share with the ds106 radio listeners.  As spring break has happened over this past week it has been tough for us all to get together due to us all being in different locations. We have still managed to make headway.  I would definitely like to give Samara Wong a shout out for spearheading this project and coming up with some really good ideas.  As we have not been able to physically meet up yet, I feel that each person has been able to contribute which will only help us when we all meet for the first time.  Compared to other teams we may be a slight bit behind, but like I had told Samara, “Pressure usually brings out the best work in individuals” I feel that the couple sessions we do have together will be productive and put us where we need to be.  I like the name for our posters and our general theme .  I can’t wait to collaborate with my group and put out a good product for others to listen to.

Below is the Program poster I created thanks to Canva.

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