I was so happy….The apocalypse happened stuff got crazy!!!!!!!!!!

      So there I was prior to the apocalypse happy as could be in my nice warm cozy house.  As you can see in my before picture on the left I was happy go lucky not a worry in the world.  The infection started with a cough here, a cough there.  People started to turn and not for the good.  People were attacking people eating their flesh, it was all I could do to get my family out.  We left our recently purchased home and traveled up to York, Pennsylvania.  My mom and her boyfriend lived there.  He boyfriend had a assortment of guns and weapons, an armory.  He had prepared for this for years and thank god he had.  Five years had went by before we could make it back to our home after the zombie problem was solved. Our home had been ransacked by others who were foraging for food or shelter.  It was a complete disaster but it was still ours, we could rebuild.  The picture on the right is my after picture taken in the same house by the same door we had left 5 years before.  You can see by my facial expression that I was in utter shock and suprise to how our house had ended up.  You’ll have to excuse the greenish color we didn’t have electricity at this point and had to use glow sticks as our lighting.

Before apocalypse on the left/ After apcalypse on the right done through                     Microsoft Word
This is my picture through the Knightlab.com. This process on this website took me less time than it did on Microsoft word.

Here is the link to the knightlab.com website to look at the photo above. https://cdn.knightlab.com/libs/juxtapose/latest/embed/index.html?uid=1758fa40-0ea8-11e8-b263-0edaf8f81e27


After the Apocalypse
           Before the apocalypse

So I chose this assignment as I figured it would be easy to make the picture apocalyptic in nature.  I used microsoft word to manipulate these photos to merge them together.  When reading about what juxtapose was on google it showed many photos that were merged together showing continuity between the pictures as a whole.  The pictures looked as if they should naturally be fitted together.  So after reading about this and finding out what juxtapose is the picture above is my product of this.


 Example of Juxtapose

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  1. This is nice. But did you try actually create a Juxtapose at https://juxtapose.knightlab.com/ ? That’s the final step of this assignment, and it’s super easy if you follow the instructions on that page.

    You just have to upload each image individually somewhere, get their URLs and insert it in the Juxtapose online interface at that site.

    You should try it.

    1. Ill put both the juxtapositions from word and also the website to show similiarities. Since I was unable to change the color on the website provided.

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