Let Me Tell You About my Apocalyptic Airwave Friends!!

I did the 4 star assignment This is My Story.  I decided to tell my story using notecards.   I told the story of what Mufasa and I are doing these days, and that we sorely miss or friends from the Barn.  It has been two weeks since we presented our story Apocalyptic Airwave a story of survival to others.  After we told our story Mufasa and I moved on from the barn trying to find other survivors.  I made this video to let my friends from the barn know that they are dearly missed.  Here is my video below:

2 Replies to “Let Me Tell You About my Apocalyptic Airwave Friends!!”

  1. You have the gun, but I wish you would have had Mufasa next to you! I wish I would have thought to put the notecards closer to the screen when I completed this assignment (although I didn’t think to relate it to Apocalyptic Airwave). Awesome video, and I love the music.

    1. Luckily I had my son’s toys at my disposal. Ya he had went outside or something I tried to get him to come in, but I think he is camera shy. Well I had to put them closer to the screen because my hand writing sucks. So if I hadn’t brought them closer to the screen no one would have been able to read them. Well I’m glad you liked it.

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