Nothing was more Divine than WEEK 9!!!

This week was the unveiling of our radio shows, a few daily creates, and reflections of how we did our book covers differently.  I was ever so glad to show the DS106 class our finally project that my group had created.  The stress of completing this project was a little daunting at first, but after the radio show aired we were quite relieved that everyone loved our show.  I stretched out my work this week to give myself something to do everyday to get me to this point.  I enjoyed the last few weeks as it let me work with a group of individuals I had never seen or worked with before, and I got to work on something I wasn’t entirely happy with before.  I will say these last couple of weeks have been busy even though the workload may not of been as heavy as previous weeks.  Here is my Week 9 summary of all the stuff I did this week down below.

So I found two songs that I thought sounded a lot a like at the beginning of each song Britney Spears Unusual You vs Charli XCX Break The Rules in this daily create you had to find two songs or more that all sound or start off the same.  Here is my mash-up of the two songs I chose here:


My Daily Create from 3/21/2018, This is Carson’s post Apocalypse Checklist.  He likes to nap a lot after all the zombies he had killed during the apocalypse, that and he is mostly drunk so naps seem like the most logical thing to do.

I decided to do the Daily Create on 3-23-2018, I was a day late doing it due to not being home, but I definitely had to weigh in on who rules dogs or cats.  Hands down I will say dogs.  They can be used as service dogs as shown in my photos, are great protectors and if you are longing for a cat they can fill this void as well by sprawling over you with their big bodies.  Now I’m not saying cats don’t help individuals in need as well, but you almost need to be at home to get this comfort from a cat, a dog you can take with you most anywhere.

Radio Show Reflection

I will definitely say that the past few weeks have been exciting being able to work with my group Apocalyptic Airwave.  I feel that 5 complete strangers did make it through the Apocalypse, with the help of each other.  Not only did they help each other during the Apocalypse but these five individuals put together a pretty good show if I say so myself.  It was slow-moving at first….thanks SPRING BREAK…..but once we got our heads together and came up with great ideas we put together these ideas and formulated our show.  We only met a couple of times, but each time was very productive and well worth the time spent bouncing ideas of each other.  I was happy with our overall end product from 5 individuals who had little to know experience in making a radio show.  I enjoyed seeing all the different directions each group had went in comparison to ours.  I had listened to DS106Radio a couple of nights and was quite pleased with all the hard work each group had put into their final products.

World War Z Revision

I decided to revise my book cover by making my book cover an interactive one.  I use GIF’s all the time but I have never made one, so I decided for this new revision of my book cover I would bring the book cover to life, not only using a GIPHY for the background picture, but also a GIPHY for the Text.  Here is my revised work below.  I know you can’t really put this on a hard back book, but maybe this could be used on the digital version of the book.

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


I tried to comment a lot this week, I know over Spring break I didn’t comment as much as I had before.   But this week I went through slack started from the bottom of the blog posts and worked my way up trying to comment on quite a few posts.  The posts that I commented on were mostly about our classes radio shows, it was fun to see the direction that everyone had went in the production of their shows. I’m not sure how many comments I threw out there but I know it was way more than the previous week while we were on spring break.



What’s one thing you definitely couldn’t live without during the apocalypse? How would you go about obtaining it?

Oreo’s……. I could not live without Oreo’s.



Well I know this would be hard to find but I would give all my money if it even had value during the apocalypse to get me a bag or square package whatever you call it.  If money wouldn’t get me these I would definitely trade my most prized procession that I had at the current time.

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  1. Oooohh!! I couldn’t live without Oreos either, and maybe avocados too! I also love the to-do list that you made for the Daily Create! It’s so funny! I wish I could spend a few hours everyday napping. It would help so much!

  2. I always really enjoy reading your weekly reports because you always are so detailed and they are always very entertaining. I’m excited that I got to talk about your character on my show because he is very fascinating! Thanks for tuning in this week, I can’t wait to make more videos! Hopefully we get to create stuff together and be in a group

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