One Step Closer to Solving the Evidence Crisis

I wanted to build off the evidence that cypherpunk106 and katie temple had found about Millard Rausch a.k.a Jim Groom.  After exploring Jim Groom’s Social Media account Twitter.  It looks to be that Jim Groom has escaped a mental asylum and is now using Reclaim Hosting as a front to infect those who do not heed his directions.

I find it ironic that a day or two after his meeting with our beloved Martha Burtis, her hat comes up missing and she miraculously becomes sick.  With today’s modern medicine and healthcare how does one stay sick going on roughly 6 weeks now, unless their DNA is being manipulated by an individual such as Millard Rausch a.k.a Jim Groom.  I feel that Martha Burtis’s hat is being held by Jim Groom until we as a group cease and desist our class functions.  After re-reading the CDE memo I feel that Martha is infected with this virus.

I feel that Martha has exhibit 4 out of these 5 symptoms.  Symptom #1 she is becoming more and more transparent. Symptom #2 she states she sees things in the room with her during her videos I think these are observances only visible to her. Symptom #3  Cravings for non-nutritional comestibles such as the liquid beverage when she was in secret bunker #2.  Symptom #5 activation of previously undetected AI, her voice changes on a whim at times I think this is part of the infection taking over her body.


Symptom #1 Sudden Onset of anatomical anomalies

Symptom # 3 Cravings for non-nutritional comestibles


Symptom #5 Neural Transformations

Is it a coincidence that Martha’s hat is missing or that she has been sick for so long, I think not. Now that we have uncovered Millard Rausch’s true Identity I hope that we as a group, can combine our evidence to get to the bottom of this mystery and return the hat to it’s rightful owner Martha.

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