Short Story Reflections


Tupac Shakur and the End of the World

I just read  and completed both of my short stories.  The first story I read was the story by Sandra McDonald “Tupac Shakur and the End of the World”.  At first glance I thought this short story was going to be about Tupac being a zombie and leading a horde of zombie rappers including Biggie into taking over the world as zombies.  After reading the first couple paragraphs I found out quickly that this was not the case.  That the main character Susan was a book writer, who wrote a book over the life of Tupac.  That she had moved to Brooklyn from Florida to get better insight of Pac’s life.

This short story takes place on Interstate 95, with 5 individuals all heading southbound trying to survive what is known as the “Creep” another name for becoming a zombie.  I think the author did a good job giving a slight back story and skill set of each character.  Looking at the Titles of the short stories this title drew my eye in only because I used to listen to Tupac back when he was still alive, who am I fooling I have a Tupac Pandora channel on my playlist.  The author tells about how individuals get the “Creep” another word for turning in a statue or zombie.  She does a good job of describing how the body reacts to this virus.  The virus she speaks of is like a fast moving virus like the plague, that it enters the body through scraps, bruises, or extreme bruises.  I was expecting a horde of zombies to attack these people but instead these people were only effected if they were clumsy and got hurt.  I would of definitely had the creep, as I am a very clumsy.  The creep took over like arthritis a symptom I would of never thought used in a post apocalyptic scene but it worked for this story.  People effected by the Creep had their bodies shut down, and would turn into statues in a sense. It was hard to move or stay limber.  Most of the main characters die off, and we see Susan the main character get the “Creep”

which I didn’t expect to happen but it did.  I see everything coming full circle as she is now at the foot of a Tupac statue a person she had wrote about in here book.  Jack tries to console her, but in the end by the wording of the last sentence or two I think Jumping Jack pulled the trigger to end Susan’s life that how I interpreted it.  Overall a good read .


There Will Come Soft Rain

There Will Come Soft Rain by Ray Bradbury was the 2nd short story I read.  I was really amazed that this book was written in the 1950’s, a time where there was not automated technology as there is today.  For being written in the 50’s the author Ray Bradbury was pretty spot on with the description of todays and future technology.  Maybe this guy like Marty McFly traveled to the future and knew something we didn’t.  The author used the back drop of a nucleur blast painting a picture of what happened to the family, the house and the surrounding areas.  I think this was written in a time when nucleur war was at an all time high, where people where on edge, due to the potential of a nucleur holacaust shortly after WWII.  I feel that the author painted a detailed schedule of how the house worked day in and day out.  My main question is where is the food still coming from after all the days/months/years, the family has not been there.  I thought for a second that the house was going to keep the dog well fed with the pancakes or bacon, or eggs, but I came to the quick shock that the dog dies due to starvation.  With the people gone the house continues to go on which i find quite errie. I think the biggest thing I gained from this short story is that life still goes on with or without you or your family.  That we have created such technology that it doesn’t even need us to exist, this in a sense shows that the robots are taking over.  Overall a good read with good detailed visuals without pictures.

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