The End is Finally Upon Us!!!!!!

So the end is finally here and this is my final summary post.  It is kinda of bittersweet that this semester/ this class is coming to an end.  It doesn’t seem that 16 weeks has already gone by.  I will say that this class is no where near what I thought it would be.  I have quite enjoyed my time within this class learning about new programs and working with genres I never really messed with prior to this class.  From my first couple of days asking tons of questions on how this is done and how that works I feel that I have came a long way in my abilities atleast I hope so.  I feel that Martha and the group of DS 106 has gotten me to step outside by box over this past 16 weeks.  I found myself prior to this class not on the creative side, with a little nudge and a workload that kept me busy at times I felt that I was more creative now then I had been before.  I really loved the apocalypse theme.  This is a genre I never really watched or never really dealt with, the apocalypse was a good change of pace from the norm.

I have completed my end project I think I finally cracked the code you can read all the details of my story  By Golly I think I Finally Cracked the Code!!!!  I just feel that Martha was a pawn in this whole thing and I wish these people would just give her, her damn hat back already.

I’m glad that I was able to connect with a group that was hard working and dedicated to kick ass on our radio show Apocalyptic Airwave, each of these members brought a particular skillset that made our radio show rock.  All our hard work and dedication paid off and we were actual able to win the Digital Project Contest.



Here are my final 7 Daily Creates

I am so excited for the next two weeks to be over, but at the same time I am stressing with 2 projects, 3 papers, a 4 finals. Soooooo, I am happy and going crazy at the same time.

The words I got were pretty random but flowed quite well with the haiku I had created for this daily create.

So even though she was fed she still left us that unforeseen present she warned us about.


I found it only fitting that the horse be named Horsey McHorseFace, because in the picture he was all face and no body.  So here is Horsey McHorseFace.


So as you can see I am far from an artist, hence why I am not majoring in an art degree here at Mary Washington.  But my favorite people are my family.

I would go and get some icecream/froyo but it is rainy and nasty out, not good weather to eat such a delicious treat like this.



Well this is the end of my end!!!!!!

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