The Kid Who almost got left in Texarkana.

Once upon a time there was a family who lived in Texas.  A mom and her 4 kids ranging from the ages 8-4.  The mom met a country boy, a tobacco spittin, bull ridin cowboy who wore wranglers and cowboy boots for every occassion.  She was in Texas so why not.  The mom of four and the cowboy dated for roughly a year until they decided to move to Indiana where the cowboy was originally from.  The mom and the four children knew nothing about Indiana because they had never been outside of the great state of Texas.  The brother and friends of the cowboy travelled all the way down from Indiana to help the family pack their small cramped apartment.  The brother who was also a tobacco spittin, bull riding, wrangler wearing cowboy drove his Chevy Dually a vehicle fitting for this cowboy.  The brother drove down with a trailer attached to the dually to pack the mom and her kids belongings and of course his brothers stuff into the trailer, even though this was the 90’s truck rentals were still expensive especially for the distance that was going to be covered.

Between the Mom, the boyfriend, the friends and the brother there were 3 vehicles used to pack up the families belongings.  The family was embarking on a new venture, starting a new chapter in their lives. Moving away from everything they had ever known.  So the families initial starting point was from Alvin, Texas a small town outside of Houston, known for greatest pitcher that ever existed Nolan Ryan.  That last fact is beside the point.

So the family left Alvin, Texas in the wee hours of the morning. The family and friends drove and drove and drove, for those who ever drove through Texas this is not an easy feet as it is a huge state to get through.  The kids consisted of two boys and two girls.   The two girls rode with the mom in her Toyota Corrola which the back seat was decked out with pillows and blankets to help the two girls to be comfortable on the long journey,  the kids layed in the back probably not wearing seatbelts as laws were not a strict as they are today, but this is besides the point.  The two boys rode with the boyfriend in his Chevy Silverado on a solid one seat bucket seat.  The brother of the boyfriend and the two friends rode in the dually pulling the trailer.  The family, friends and brother were trekking along until the brothers transmission or water pump had went out right outside the city Texarkana.  For those who do not know Texarkana is a small city that is half in Texas and half in Arkansas.

Even though this was not the most ideal time for this to happen, it happened.  For the mom this stop was almost needed as the oldest of the two girls had gotten sick roughly an hour before the transmission went out, vomiting all over that nice layed out blanket bed laid out in the back of the Corolla.  In a time where cell phones were pretty not existent the mom could not communicate what had happened in the back seat.  The brother with the dually had the truck towed to a shop to get his truck fixed and everyone jumped in the remaining two vehicles to go to a local laundry mat to clean the nasty blankets.  The four kids found two kids to play with while at the laundry mat to help pass the time. The laundry was finally finished and it was time to leave. It had already been a long day and everyone was starving as it was around dinner time.

Everyone gets into the two vehicles which was now a tight fit, the boys rode with the boys and the girls rode with the girls.  The two vehicles travelled roughly 5-7 miles up the road to find somewhere to eat that could accommodate all the people.  As the two vehicles arrived at a restruant the mom of the kids asked where the eldest son who was 8 was at.  The Boys asked the same question to the mom expecting this to be a joke.  Each car thought the boy had rode with the other car.  Both cars had come to the realization that the boy had not rode with either car.

The 8 year old sat at the laundry mat not knowing where is family had went as he had noticed that neither of the two cars were present. He had somehow gotten left behind and was overlooked when the others embarked from the laundry mat.  The eight year old did not know what to do, nor did he know which direction the vehicles had went.  He waited and waited and as he was about to walk in a direction which was not the right chose his family showed up frantic of the events that had just transpired.

This is the story of how I almost got left in Texas in 1991, luckily my family was hungry and only went a few miles up the road.


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