The Zombified Kangaroo and the Fathead

I am doing this three star assignment a  Short Story telling a story with 10 random words. This assignment is called “Short Story With Random Words And Animal(S)“. You must go to this website to have 10 different words chosen at random, you must then choose an animal and use these 10 words to tell the animals story.  Here is my story:



The Zombified Kangaroo and the Fathead

The Kangaroo now a zombie hopped around like a zombie slow moving looking for the hunter. 

The hunter had a huge fathead.

The kangaroo knew it was this hunter by the muzzle loader in his hand.

The hunter had his gun harnessed and ready to shoot.

Due to the zombie problem gun carrying at all times was allowed in every state.

The Kangaroo was considered a brawler. 

The Kangaroo was bitter after being shot at earlier.

The hunter and the Kangaroo start throwing punches the hunter blocked.


The Kangaroo cradled the hunter down to the ground and nawed on his shooting arm.

The hunter started to get sick, his sickness started as a bellyache.

The Kangaroo had finally got his revenge and had turned the hunter into a zombie.

The End!!!



My Ten random words

brawler fathead bittersweet   bellyache block cradled hunter state 

harness bitter muzzle

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    1. Ya I surely hope so, I don’t know why I went with the most random animal not known to this area except zoos as my short story. But I figured it worked especially with the GIF of the kangaroo getting punched.

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