Turn me into a Zombie not my Family !!! I made it through week TWO!!

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, would you rather be turned into a zombie or have everyone you love turned into a zombie? Why?

I would say without a doubt turn me into a zombie.  I would say turn me into a zombie in hopes that my family could get away unscaved. That in my process of morphing into a zombie I could take out a few zombies to give my family a fighting chance.


I would definitely want to be a zombie due to the fact that if I was a zombie I would be so fit because I get to run everywhere, I get to eat meat on the reg, and I have no adult responsibilites such as paying bills or looking after others.  With only being in Virginia for a little over year, becoming a zombie would help with my networking skills hanging out with those that have similiar interests as me such has long distance hikes and eating humans.  So where is this sign up sheet to become a zombie I’ll sign up today.


This week in a Nutshell

           So this week was a lot of setting time aside to tackle each assignment.  I’ve noticed so far that good time management has been the key to success.  After watching the 5 part series End Day I have realized that I would be totally screwed if any of the 5 events would happen today.  Even though the video was fake its not far off if you actually think about, maybe I should think about things I have never thought of before to better save my family.  I haven’t wrote or told a story for a very long time, so I will say that this had taken me a little longer than I expected it to, to gather my thoughts and ideas and finally jot them down.   Over the past few days I tried to switch the appearance of my word press site to make it more appealing to the eye.  I am still working my way around the site trying to customize little details.  Shout out to @Jenn for helping in the Tech section of Slack on how to insert GIF’s into my postings.

I have not watched a whole lot of zombie films or shows, but I have found this to be a genre that has endless amounts of information out there.  Even though its not a genre that I have followed before, I am glad to be on this journey trying to survive the apocalypse with all you DS 106 individuals.  I am looking forward to the small group projects or the entire class porject and see what we can all bring to the table. We have had made it this far and we must all join together to make it to #TheEnd.




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