We Dabbled and Delved into Week 12!!!!

Week 12

This week was a fun one for me I got to go back to some of the genre’s I enjoyed early in the semester. I finished my work in a timely manner by trying to be proactive on the assignments that were presented to us.  Over the past few weeks I feel like I have rushed my work due to time constraints of my own doing, this week was a much-needed slow down in pace.  I think the hardest part for me this week was trying to incorporate the evidence we have obtained and making sense of it.  I seen the evidence presented by others and I tried to tie in and build on what they had presented.  I look forward to what others have/will present so that we can finally get to the bottom of what all this evidence means in the grand scheme of things.


World War Z…..A MEEMEE!!!  (2 stars)

I created this meme for the 2 star visual assignment What’s the Meme?  I created this meme for one of the scenes within the book.  One of the battles the individuals lined up in a firing line, by this time there was a better plan of attack where firing line took turns or shifts, in helping to take out and  stack the bodies of the zombies.  If a person got tired due to exhaustion an individual overseeing their progress would tap them out and replace them with someone with fresh eyes.  I feel that the person in the photo is more than ready to be relieved.



Christina Eliopolis’s BucketList (2 Stars)


That Bucket List Though (2 STARS): Create a bucket list for at least one character from your novel.

Pre-war, Christina Eliopolis was an FA-22 Raptor pilot, one of the most advance pieces of tech ever to tickle the clouds. And when fighting zombies, it amounted to little more than buyer’s remorse.  Eliopolis’s main mission went from winning wars to airborne resupply.  The Air Force with the help of Christina Elipoilis dropped in supplies, so they could keep on keeping on. Success meant dropping in anything from medicine, food, resources, machines, and sometimes even people.  While in the bathroom—portable chempot truth be told— she felt a jolt as if God’s boot just kicked the back of their plane off. The air pressure sucked Eliopolis out the back. She pulled her chute and noticed another chute made it out in time. She tried the radio but got nothing. That was the worst of it for her, just hanging in the air, helpless and useless. Thankfully, the Air Force had given her some training for this type of situation at the Willow Creek Escape and Evade program. Also, Eliopolis was more than use to occupying hostile territory. This was a little excerpt from the Book World War Z setting the scene for what was taking place.

Bucket List:

  1. Find out what brought down the plane.
  2. Finding out if “Mets” was a figment of her imagination.
  3. If not an imagination, Christina Eliopolis wants to know where she can find “Mets” so she can thank her, for helping her get to safety.
  4. Find the remnants of her downed plane
  5. Become a skywatcher, to help others, like she was helped that day.


Destination Post Card (3 stars)

I decided to do the Destination Post Card 3 STARS: Create a destination postcard for a setting from my novel World War Z.   I decided to create this postcard to try to draw individuals to Yonkers, New York.  I painted the picture as if Yonkers is the hot spot to be at.Realistically this is far from the place anyone would want to be at.



Animated GIF Alternative Cover (5 Star)

For this assignment Animated GIF Alternative Cover a  5 Star assignment we were to  revisit the apocalyptic novel cover from earlier this semester, but make it an animated GIF this time.  I was unable to make the background of my original cover animated, so I found a clip that included a helicopter, like the helicopter that was in my original alternate book cover.  I chose to go with an animated background as well as animated wording so that way it would draw in the readers attention.  I wanted my GIF to not only be animated by text but also by background.  I made sure to put the text in a way that did not occlude the focus of the GIF which is the helicopter being attacked by zombies. Here is my GIF below I hope you enjoy.



This is my original alternate book cover for my book World War Z.  I was trying to use this as a GIF but I didn’t like how I couldn’t get the background to be interactive.  I know there is probably a way to do this, but I guess I just don’t know how at this point.  Here is my original alternate book cover below:



One Step Closer to Solving the Evidence Crisis

I wanted to build off the evidence that cypherpunk106 and katie temple had found about Millard Rausch a.k.a Jim Groom.  After exploring Jim Groom’s Social Media account Twitter.  It looks to be that Jim Groom has escaped a mental asylum and is now using Reclaim Hosting as a front to infect those who do not heed his directions.


Question of the week

Look to your right. The thing you see is the only weapon you’ll have during the End. How will you use it to survive?

Well being that I am sitting on the couch it looks like I have one of three choices of things to choose from my right to use as a weapon.  My soda can which is now empty, my t.v. remote, and my wife.  Being that my soda is empty it really has no weight to it but I guess I could fill it with rocks or cement and throw it as a projectile.  I guess I could configure the remote in such a way to make it into a taser, but being that the batteries in the remote are fairly old I’m sure I won’t get to far this way.  Last but not least is my wife, she is 4’11” but don’t let her size fool you.  She is definitely a fire cracker and is quite feisty I wouldn’t want to be on her bad side.   Out of the three options I chose my wife, she was in the military for 5 years and knows how to shoot a weapon, can do combatives and she is smart and quick on her feet.  The soda can wouldn’t last me but a couple of throws before I would lose it, and the remote well we already went over the lack of power I would have.  I would use my wife to take care of my light work, and I would come in and take out the heavy hitters, we would be a 1, 2 punch when it comes to surviving the end.  So hands down I would choose my wife as my weapon of choice.

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