Week 3 I SURVIVED! Tupac, a kangaroo this WEEK was CRAZY!!!!

I will first off by saying I am still Alive!!!!!! I made it through week 3 successfully I hope all you did as well.  This week has been a busy one for me.  I had to try and be creative, an attribute I am not quite known for.  But on the other hand this has helped me to step outside of my uncreative box and comfort zone to produce these writing assingments we had to do this week.

     <————— me outside the box

I chose to make a list this week of all the tasks at hand, I gave myself a deadline to have each done.  So that I would atleast complete 1 to 2 tasks a day, so that I don’t find my self procrastinating and saving up all the work for the end of the week.  I have found that with some time management I have stayed ahead of the game for atleast this week.   I read my first short story Tupac Shakur and the End of the World, by Sandra McDonald.  A story about a woman named Susan who was trying to travel south and who wrote a book about Tupac,  Her and her friends were trying to avoid the “Creep” in short.  This lead me into  completing the alternate ending assingment by changing the end of Tupac Shakur and the End of the World, to  be more gangsta.

        I then moved on to attain my 6 stars through doing two different assignments in the assignment bank.  The first one I did was called “Short Story with random words and animal(s)” here I told a short story using 10 randomly generated words, in which I told a story about a zombie kangroo and a hunter.  In the end the Kangaroo bested the hunter who had shot at him earlier.  The 2nd assignment I completed was “Haiku It Up”  where I had to write a poem in three sentences using the rule 5-7-5.  Each number representing the number or syllables you must use per line.  I had to google what a haiku was because it had been so long since I had last wrote one.  I presume it was around 5th grade if I remember correctly.   Thanks to help from the other survivors I was able to be more creative with the Daily creates.  The other survivors through slack instructed me on how to manipulate my pictures, something I had not done before.

      I am glad that I was able to attain the 10 death dealing swords I had ordered from Amazon, prior to S-Hitting the fan.  They have all came in handy as you all would say.  I liked them so much that I left them a 5-star rating, I don’t think it matters at this time, as I am sure that the Amazon distribution center has been hit and ravaged by the other survivors or by the zombies looking for the survivors, so I’m sure no one will see it, but it’s there anyhow. 

I have chosen to read the story “World War Z”  I have yet to get it, but as of tomorrow you will be looking at a Fredericksburg Library card holder, and will be attaining this book through the library.  I look forward to reading it as I have heard multiple people say it is a good read.

After completing everything else I finished the 2nd short story There will come soft Rains by Ray Bradburyafter reading this short story I wrote my reflection post stating how I liked each book this wasn’t to hard to do as each book was pretty interesting in it’s own way.

After looking at others websites/blogs I am really amazed on how creative people are on their sites when embracing the apocalypse lifestyle.  One of the survivors sites I enjoyed was Elainas I really loved her use of all GIF’s to tell her Terms of Service assignment, and how she told a story about how the apolcalypse had affected her and her family.  I loved how she was creative and personal at the same time overall good job.  Another Survivor’s blog I read  was  by Elizabeth I was looking for another person who had read the short story about Tupac, to see how there alternate ending was different from mine.  Elizaeth did not dissapoint, I went the thug life way and she told a story of how the main character Susan was saved by water to drops to be exact, how Susan survived the creep and how she finished and started a new chapter in her journey to survive, I feel she really did a good job with her alternate ending.



Question of the WEEK!!!!!!!

In the event of an apocalypse, do you think you’d be the kind of person to hoard your supplies (for yourself and your loved ones) or would you share them with those around you in need? Why or why not?

It really all depends on the situation I guess.  I would prefer to hoard all my supplies for my wife and kids to ensure our survival.  But In the short/long run we will eventually run out of these supplies if we can’t find new supplies or if we don’t move quickly to find the already scarce supplies.  I feel like we would share these supplies with others only if they bring a trait to the table that will help us ensure our safety as well as theirs.  By sharing our supplies, others may share what they have with us, ensuring that we will all have a better chance of making longer during the apocalypse.  So like I said it all depends on the situation.



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