World War Z: Alternate Book Cover

Here is my Alternate Cover for the book World War Z.  So I choose to do my alternate book cover in a stair step fashion with my text, something different than I had seen with most of the book covers or movies I looked up for this book.  The title World War Z is either placed from top to bottom and centered in the middle of the book or the words “World War” would overlap the Z.  So I decided to change my book cover up a bit.  You can’t really see it but it looks the person in the lower right has a red marker of sorts and I placed the “Red Z” in a manner in which it looks like he drew it. With this view you can barely see the object or red marker in his hand as I seen it while working in the program GIMP.  I tried keeping with the apocalyptic feel,  post the zombie attacks, when the zombies were eradicated.  My book cover shows a huge crater in the center this is where the zombies were lured in and a huge firey projectile was dropped on their heads.


Below are the two different original book covers for the book World War Z.

I aquired the picture for my alternate book cover through google images.  I had imported the picture into the Application GIMP which I had downloaded from the design resource page from week 6 resources.  Once I was able to import the picture I had to learn my way around how to manipulate the multiple layers.  The layers in this picture were the picture itself and the 2 text boxes.  Once I learned how to manipulate them and change the text settings I was able to place the text where I wanted it.  I chose this program over Adobe due to it being free, but from what I’ve heard both are relatively the same in functionality.  I have just scratched the surface of this program but I look forward to using it in upcoming assignments.

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