5 Q’s & 5 A’s with the Great Vanessa!!!

Assignment: 10 Apocalyptic Questions

I chose the 5 questions I felt I could best answer out of the ten that Vanessa provided.  I used the program OpenShot to splice and dice and input my videos in where they needed to be.  I think I was making this a little harder than it should have been at the beginning.  I was not only writing down a small script to keep my thoughts together but I was also writing down the stop and start times of each question and the times throughout the video that I wanted to eventually cut.  This process took a little longer than I had expected but once I got the ball rolling it was on downhill from there. Here is my Q & A session with Vanessa I hope you enjoy:


Here was a little of the editing I did to come up with my end product:


2 Replies to “5 Q’s & 5 A’s with the Great Vanessa!!!”

  1. I really like this video! I really like how you added authentic parts of yourself into the video. It really helped create a story and develop a character in your video. My only advice would be to film your video in landscape just to match the video you are cutting into. Amazing video!

    1. Now that you mention it, I will definitely do that next time. I actually didn’t even think of that. Thanks for the constructive criticism.

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