Did Someone Say Spaceship: Watch a movie make a movie

Assignment: Watch a Movie/Make a Movie


I chose the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” as my second movie that I watched.  As I have never seen this movie before I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happened.  The copy that I was able to attain was through YouTube.  Due to copyright infringements I think the people that had posted this movie had distorted it a bit as to not infringe upon these copyright laws.  Other than the movie being a little off center and there being what looked like small boxes on the screen the movie was pretty good.  This movie was created back in 1951 but some of the techniques they used to film this, were ahead of their time.

After watching this movie I see that nothing has changed.  Shoot first, ask questions later.  The townspeople had shot the alien from a distant planet before he could get out what he wanted to say, typical Americans.  These aliens from far away had learned English from the radio broadcasts from the United Nations, I’m sure that you can’t do this anymore with strict laws that are out there.  I was ever so glad when the man/alien had escaped.  And that he offered the kid some fine ass diamonds for $2.00, where do I get a hook up like this?  Just like in the movie the world super powers are making atomic bombs threatening to use them against each other.  Like I said this movie was made in 1951, yet these same topics are still relevant today, nations at odds with each other.  It took someone such as this alien to make the world see that their hatred for one another would only lead to disaster.  Overall a good movie.

I did the “Supercut It” assignment to go with the movie,  I ended up using the word “ship or spaceship” because I felt it was the most used word within the whole movie.  I felt that we could not forget the real question.  Why was the spaceship here?   I ended up using the 4k Downloader to intially get the movie and edited through the program Open Shot, as this was my 3rd or 4th video edited, I was able to move through the process quite quickly.  Here is my clip below:

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