Learning to be better at Design!!!!


After listening to the talk  by Paula Scher I’ve come to conclusion that you do not need to be a design professional to be successful in design.  I felt like at the beginning she was talking directly to me.  She said that you do not need to know what you are doing to create something wonderful.  Well I sure hope I can create something wonderful with the beginners knowledge I currently have when approaching our design assignments.  When listening to her talk she seemed to focus on working outside the box, this is where your best work will occur.   I loved how she hated a certain font, and she did everything in her power to never use it ever again.   If we step outside our boundaries or our limitations when it comes to design we will end up with better end products.

During David Carson’s I was really amused with all the different pictures of design he had taken over his many years, and his interpretation of them.  He shows that each image has a story to tell and I love how he showed this in the writing of “No Parking” on two different garage doors.  That these doors paint a picture, and each viewer will have a different interpretation.


Contrasting the two talks I feel that Scher’s was more serious and detailed more of her accomplishments, Carson’s was more off the cuff and more entertaining showing design he found in the world.  But I think both talks show us that even though we might not be good at design with some work we can all be design artists only if you love and enjoy doing it.  That design is everywhere and it can have a big impact on those who view it.

I’ve enjoyed using Canva and by going through these tutorials I realize I haven’t even scratched the surface in what I can do within this website. I choose to take the (Art of Alignment, Using Canva Grids, Harnessing Hierarchy, Canva Shortcuts Part 1, Designing with Shapes, Starting with Scale and Brilliant Backgrounds tutorials.)   I chose these tutorials to try to help me enhance my future products.  We were instructed to choose at least 7 tutorials that we were unfamiliar with, I will probably try out most of the tutorials due to my inexperience with this website and inexperience with design concepts. Between Canva and GIMP I definitely have a few extra tools in the toolbox to use.




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